How to grow nails fast

How to grow fingernails fast? — many of the fair sex are racking their brains over this problem. Long, well-groomed nails, covered with stylish varnish, always cause admiring glances from others. But, unfortunately, nails break much more often, and grow much more slowly than we want. A variety of drugs and means for nail growth are not always effective.

So what does it take to grow nails? In this article, we offer effective and proven remedies for rapid nail growth.

  1. Limitation of contact with chemicals. Washing powders, detergents and other household chemicals have an extremely negative effect on our nails. Chemicals can not only slow down the growth of our nails, but also make them more brittle and vulnerable to adverse external influences. Therefore, the first thing to do for fast nail growth is to use rubber gloves during homework.
  2. Creating a comfortable nail shape. Nails of the correct and convenient form do not cling, do not interfere and do not accidentally break. The correct shape promotes nail growth. In order to shape the nails, use fine-grained nail files. Preferably glass, paper or plastic. Metal nail files are considered the worst option because they can break the structure of the nail.
  3. Moisturizing the skin around the nails. Moisturizing is an important step that should not be neglected. Healthy skin around the nails is the «soil» that promotes their rapid growth. To moisturize, you can use various creams, as well as natural oils. Particular attention should be paid to the cuticle — an additional portion of moisture should be applied to this layer of the skin, since it is more prone to dryness and cracking than others.
  4. Lacquer for nail growth. Using a special varnish is one of the simplest procedures. The varnish is colorless, quick and easy to apply, and promotes nail growth. The substances contained in this product saturate the nail plate and the root of the nail with nutrients.
  5. Vitamins. The growth rate of nails depends on the amount of vitamins that we receive daily. If there is a lack of any nutrients in the body, then no remedy for the rapid growth of nails will help. The most important are B vitamins, vitamin A, C, calcium and iron. Vitamins can be obtained with wholesome food or take special preparations — vitamin complexes for nail growth. You can buy such a complex at any pharmacy.

How to grow long nails in a week?

How to speed up the growth of nails

Unfortunately, no modern pharmaceutical product for nail growth can guarantee such an effect. However, according to many of the fair sex, they managed to achieve such a result with the help of folk remedies for nail growth. These tools are considered reliable and highly effective, as they have been tested by many generations. Here are some folk recipes for nail growth:

  • daily five-minute baths with sea salt;
  • iodine. Iodine can be applied to nails and added to baths. Iodine is considered one of the best home remedies for nail growth;
  • hand masks using olive oil;
  • wax. Warm wax should be applied to the nails, wait for it to harden and leave for several hours, you can — at night.

It should be remembered that knowledge of recipes on how to accelerate the growth of nails is useless if you neglect hand care, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

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