How much does a wedding cost

It just so happened that the wedding remains one of the most significant celebrations in the life of most people. It was also customary for our ancestors to start preparing for the wedding of children from their very birth, and the celebration itself could last more than a week. Now the traditions have undergone significant changes, but one thing has remained unchanged — everyone wants the wedding to be unique and memorable. In modern realities, it can be quite difficult to do this — more and more often financial opportunities dictate their terms. After calculating how much it costs to have a wedding, many couples are faced with a choice — either postpone the celebration or borrow money. Let’s try to figure it out how much does it cost to celebrate a wedding on average, what you can save on, and in what matters it is better not to skimp, so that the holiday is a success and the family budget does not suffer.

How much does a good wedding cost?

A good wedding is a loose concept, and, as they say, there are no limits to perfection. Eminent personalities spend millions on weddings, choosing the most exotic places for the celebration, treating guests with delicious dishes and pleasing the eye with irresistible outfits. A good wedding for people who are not so rich and famous is a high-quality organization of the celebration, exclusive design, an interesting menu and pleasant memories for many years to come. So, let’s calculate how much it costs to celebrate a wedding on average:

  • invitations for guests — 1-2 c.u. for one invitation.
  • registry office services — state duty, depending on the legislation.
  • additional services of the registry office subject to an exit painting — from 150 c.u.
  • dress for the bride — from 800-900 USD
  • bouquet for the bride — from 30 c.u.
  • groom’s suit — from 400-500 USD
  • wedding hairstyles, make-up, manicure, pedicure — from 200 c.u.
  • wedding rings — from 400 c.u.
  • ordering cars — from 100-150 USD for the car.
  • florist services for decorating cars — 150-200 c.u.
  • additional expenses for the ransom of the bride, for a walk after painting — from 100 USD.
  • photo and video shooting — from 800 c.u.
  • toastmaster services — from 400 c.u.
  • entertainment program for guests — from 200-300 USD
  • services of musicians — from 400 c.u.
  • services of a coordinator — from 100-200 USD
  • banquet — from 50 c.u. from a person.
  • wedding cake — from 30 c.u. per kilogram.
  • hall decoration — from 200 c.u.
  • fireworks — from 200-300 USD
  • wedding night at the hotel, with the provision of room decoration and services for the newlyweds — from 300 USD
  • honeymoon trip — from 1000 USD

How much does an average wedding cost

Having calculated how much it costs to have a wedding with the services of professionals, it is easy to guess that not every couple will be able to carve out at least 10-15 thousand conventional units from the budget. Therefore, most young couples seek to find a way to cut their wedding budget.

How much does the average wedding cost now?

You can save on many expense items, but in order not to get a spoiled holiday, savings should be approached wisely. You can rent wedding dresses, entrust the decoration of the hall and cars to friends who want to take an active part in preparing for the holiday, you can also make other accessories for the holiday yourself, such as invitations for guests, souvenirs for competitions, etc. If you have acquaintances or friends involved in organizing celebrations, you can also agree on discounts on services. When organizing a banquet, you can choose an institution that provides the opportunity to bring some food and alcoholic drinks with you. For a honeymoon trip, you can choose a route within your homeland, or study the offers of various travel agencies, since almost everywhere there are seasonal discounts and other great deals.

You can also find out how much a turnkey wedding costs. Firms offering comprehensive services for celebrations can offer interesting options for celebrating, corresponding to financial capabilities.

But when choosing a photo and video operator, you should not save money, because the results of their work will remain a reminder of this solemn day, perhaps even for more than one generation. You should also pay attention to the toastmaster — the general mood and atmosphere of the holiday will depend on the professionalism of this person.

In order to calculate how much it costs to have a wedding, provided that you save on some details, you need to study the options offered in various companies and salons, as well as evaluate how much of the preparations you can do on your own or entrust to friends.

How much does it cost to play the cheapest wedding?

The question of how much it costs to make a modest wedding now worries a lot of people, since economic instability in many countries affects the financial capabilities of the majority of the population. And yet, even with modest opportunities, few people want to limit themselves to painting and a quiet family dinner. There is a way out of this situation — you can make a wedding with your own hands, with the support of friends. Of course, you will have to spend some money in this case. How much does it cost on average to organize a wedding with your own hands, first of all, depends on the ingenuity of the bride and groom. First of all, you need to purchase wedding outfits, and if the groom can limit himself to a suit from his wardrobe, having bought the necessary accessories, then the bride can choose a suitable dress in the wedding market, where outfits are much cheaper than in salons. You should also purchase the necessary materials for decoration, and spend time making jewelry and souvenirs. You can also think of an interesting program, taking into account the interests of the guests, on your own. You can entrust the implementation of the program to one of your friends or acquaintances who has the necessary qualities for this. The painting in the registry office can be purely official, and on the wedding day the ceremonyHow much does it cost to organize a wedding weddings can be held by a loved one, which will turn out to be more sincere and touching. This is widely practiced in many countries, not only to save money, but also to create a certain atmosphere. For a banquet, you can use the dining room or rent a country house for a few days, inviting a cook and attendants separately. This will allow you to hold a celebration less traditionally, as well as save money.

In fact, there are many options for celebrating an inexpensive wedding, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and have enough free time to prepare.

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