Hair gloss

What makes up the image of a real lady? Of course, from manners and grooming. And what does grooming consist of? Neat make-up, tidiness, manicure and well-styled hair. However, the hair is not always ready to obey its mistress: stress, weather changes, experiments with hair color do not benefit your hair. Fortunately, damaged strands can be restored without drastic measures — today there are many ways to restore obedience, shine and strength to hair. We will talk about one of them today.

Hair gloss and its features

When you come to the salon and ask the master to do this procedure for you, he will offer you two options: molecular and cuticular hair glossing. Let’s take a closer look at each option.

What is molecular hair gloss?

This is a set of measures aimed at saturating the hair with nutrients that return obedience and shine to the hair, and keep trace elements inside the hair shaft. Thus, hair glossing gives an instant effect, since the improvement in the hair structure is noticeable to the naked eye immediately after the procedure.

So, in the salon, for starters, you will wash your hair with a special shampoo. After the hair is slightly dried and the therapeutic serum and milk are distributed along the entire length, protecting the hair from damage at elevated temperatures. Then the hair is subjected to thermal treatment — the hair is “sealed” with a hot iron, as a result of which useful microelements are fixed inside the hair shaft, and a protective film is formed on the surface, which prevents the negative effects of the environment.

After the procedure, the hair becomes silky: straight hair becomes even more mirror-like smoothness, and curly hair turns into neat, well-groomed curls. At the same time, both the effect of wet hair and weighting are absent.

The cost of molecular hair glossing fluctuates around 80-100 USD. depending on the length of the hair.

What is the peculiarity of cuticular glossing of hair?

The difference is as follows — the regenerating serum is applied not only to the hair itself, but also to the scalp. As a rule, the procedure is accompanied by a pleasant massage. Such nourishment of the scalp is an effective method of combating dandruff and itching, as well as a stimulus for the active growth of your hair. Experience shows that the cost of cuticular glossing of hair does not differ much from the previous method — the issue is easily resolved on the spot with the master.

What are the limitations for hair glossing?

There are no contraindications here, this is an excellent measure for the regular care of your hair. The only thing to remember is that glossing does not go well with hair coloring, since the oils used for the procedure wash out the paint. Therefore, hair glossing should be done 2-3 weeks before or after dyeing.

Hair glossing set

Is it possible to make glossing at home?

Fortunately for us, yes. Hair glossing products can be easily purchased at professional hairdressing stores and you can follow the care steps in the same way as a master does in a beauty salon. Fortunately, this procedure does not take much time, and the effect will please you for a month. After glossing it is worth repeating. Hair glossing kits are represented by many brands, for example, LorealParis. In particular, its price is approximately 250 USD.

What is the difference between glossing and laminating hair?

The difference is that hair glossing is more of a medical procedure aimed at restoring the inside of the hair. And in the process of lamination, a film is only formed that protects them from external factors. The visible effect after both procedures is very similar, but one of the advantages of lamination is that it goes well with hair coloring, which glossing cannot boast of.

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