Gothic photo session

The modern goth subculture originated in the 80s of the last century. One of the striking features of the Gothic image is gloomy tones and gloomy colors, and a photo shoot in this format will turn out to be the most natural. If you are attracted by the gloom of noble people of past centuries, you can safely realize your ideas through a gothic photo shoot. Where should you start?

Photo shoot in gothic style

At the first stage, it is important to choose the appropriate gothic image for a photo shoot. It makes sense to highlight the main common features that are characteristic of most areas of Gothic culture, in particular, these are:

  • black eyeliner;
  • pale complexion;
  • lips painted with dark lipstick;
  • rich manicure mainly in black;
  • gloomy, dark colors of outerwear and shoes.

Of the clothes for girls, corsets, dresses with lace, long raincoats and floor-length skirts are best suited. The most preferable will be clothes made of velvet, brocade, silk. Keep in mind the fact that it will be problematic for you to pose in tight clothes, so the clothes you choose for a photo shoot should be as free and comfortable as possible. As for shoes, gothic pointed-toe boots are a great option. While platform shoes will not look very photogenic.

Jewelry for a photo shoot can be modest (silver jewelry, rings, necklaces). Gothic style accessories are colored lenses, long black or white nails.

If you are planning a photo session in a studio space, your makeup should be much brighter than in everyday life. Because most likely the studio light will dim the brightness, in particular the makeup on the face. Therefore, it is recommended to experiment with makeup in advance at home.

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