fuchsia color in clothes

Fuchsia has been a fashion trend for many seasons in a row. It got its name in honor of the flower, which has a juicy purple color. Actual among celebrities and show business stars, he first gained immense popularity back in 1936. Fashion designers created outfits in a shocking hot pink shade that made a splash among the daring fashionistas of the time.

Fuchsia is a very sexy, sophisticated and sensual color that emphasizes the mystery and elegance of a woman. It will suit almost any young lady, as it gives a healthy look to light skin and emphasizes the tan of a swarthy one. When choosing this bold and catchy shade, you need to carefully select the combination of colors with fuchsia in clothes.

The combination of fuchsia in clothes

To give your outfit a flirty and playful mood, combine a trendy tone with a light green tint. Such an original mixing of colors will emphasize the natural origin of the color and make it more saturated.

You can make the color more noble and luxurious by using a silver tone. Such a tandem will add mystery and aristocracy to your image and emphasize your elegant style.

In addition, fuchsia goes well with classic colors — white and black, and you can also complement the colors with cream, milky and brown shades.

Bold but tasteful

Fashion designers offer many options for using this color in the wardrobe. Fuchsia is an ambiguous color. He can both revive the outfit, and vice versa, scare away with his appearance. So, it is necessary to carefully approach the creation of the image.

Today in fashion stores you can choose not only original tops, blouses and brightly colored jackets, but also pick up luxurious fuchsia evening dresses.

Fuchsia is more of a festive color, perfect for any celebration. To create an elegant look, a fuchsia dress with fashionable drapery, a clutch and silver-colored shoes are the best. At the same time, makeup under a fuchsia dress should be natural with a slight emphasis on the eyes.

As for accessories for a fuchsia dress, designers advise choosing contrasting colors or different shades of this color. For example, a thin strap, bracelet, bag and shoes in black will enhance the depth of the trendy tone.

However, fuchsia is a complex color and many are wary of it. Therefore, if you do not dare to purchase such a little thing, then you can pick up jewelry, make-up or fuchsia-colored manicure. Such a decision will give your style a «zest» and make you irresistible.

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