Formal business style


formal business attire

Strictness, restraint and conservatism are the main characteristics of formal wear for business women. This style is designed to demonstrate how successful you are in your career.

What do you need to know about formal business attire?

The formal style of dress for women has much in common with the classic style, although the scope of the latter is much wider. The main thing to remember when choosing an outfit for the next working day is that nothing in it should distract the attention of partners. The basis of office fashion is a suit (trouser or with a skirt). Although in some companies it is not welcome when a woman wears trouser suits. Business clothes are characterized by neutrality, severity and, of course, neatness. The lines are usually straight and even slightly flared. Naturally, there can be no patterns on such clothes, at most — a cage, a small scar or a strip.

Golden rules of official business fashion:

  1. On such clothes there can be no ruffles, sequins or rhinestones. Inconspicuous pastel shades are approved. It is preferable to choose suits from wrinkle-resistant material, otherwise you will look sloppy.
  2. The presence of underwear and tights is required. Tights should be even in summer.
  3. Formal business attire should be restrained. If this is a neckline, then it is shallow, if it is a skirt, then its length is within plus / minus 10 cm from the knee.
  4. On weekdays, sweaters (silk, cashmere) can also be worn, but it is better to neglect them during business negotiations.
  5. Stop for classic pumps in black, white or beige. Heel — no more than 8 cm. 4-5 cm is the most suitable option.
  6. Accessories should be chosen not flashy and small in size. There cannot be many of them. It is best to stop at gold or silver. You can wear a watch.
  7. A business bag should look discreet: no decorations on it. As for the colors, it is white, black or beige. Lacquered or just smooth leather is allowed.
  8. The face and hands should look presentable and well-groomed. Manicure is welcome calm, but it is better to let it be completely absent. Makeup is natural.


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