Flat sandals

There is no shoe that makes your walk more sexy and your figure more feminine than pumps and heeled/wedge sandals. However, these shoes are not suitable for everyday wear, as they cause a lot of stress on the foot and toes. The most suitable option for every day is women’s summer sandals without a heel. These shoes are quite comfortable and at the same time go well with dresses, skirts and trousers. What other properties do beautiful flat sandals have? More on that below.

Choosing sandals for the summer without a heel

Comfortable summer slippers have several significant advantages over other shoe models, namely:

  • securely fix the foot;
  • allow the leg to «breathe»;
  • do not provoke the occurrence of corns;
  • suitable for walking on asphalt, gravel and sand;
  • have a wide range of colors and textures.

Along with the listed advantages, shoes without a heel have one significant drawback — they can provoke the development of flat feet. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to alternate wearing your favorite sandals with shoes with a small heel (5-7 cm). When choosing sandals, pay attention to models with a thickened sole and a slightly raised heel. The ideal option is an elastic and springy outsole made of quality materials — it makes the gait energetic and easy. Models with a small rectangular heel 1.5-2 cm high are also suitable.

The inside of the shoes should be made of leather and high-quality leatherette. Poor quality materials can cause slipping of the foot and profuse sweating. Some unsuccessful models may even creak slightly when walking, which causes great irritation and discomfort. To avoid unpleasant excesses, carefully check the shoes for defects. While trying on, walk around the store in it, stand on your toes, you can even jump.

Stylish flat sandals

Arriving at the store, you will surely be confused by the abundance of the presented models. To make the right choice, you need to analyze your wardrobe and choose one or more pairs of trendy flat sandals. To make it easier for you, we will consider the most popular options:

  1. Black and white classic. Do you want to choose fashionable and at the same time versatile shoes? Pay attention to white sandals without a heel. They will refresh the outfit and emphasize your well-groomed manicure. In addition, the light color reflects heat, which is very important in hot weather. Black sandals without a heel are best used for an evening out. Choose a model decorated with rhinestones or sequins, and you can safely go for an evening walk.
  2. Woven sandals without a heel. More like sandals than sandals. As fasteners, thin leather strips are used, fastened together in an interesting way. It can be two or three stripes, which are practically invisible on the leg, or a lot of straps fastened in a certain sequence. Unusually look high sandals without a heel, which are commonly called «gladiator sandals.»
  3. Bright models. Want to add a bright color accent to your look? Pick up sandals in light green, pink, lemon, silver, gold or red. In this case, it is not necessary to adhere to the chosen range in other things. Shoes can be an independent accent that does not need additions.

Remember that open models are best for late spring and summer. For autumn, it is better to choose closed heeled sandals that can be worn with a jacket or cardigan.

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