Fashionable pedicure 2013

Today, no one will argue that external attractiveness is an important condition for success and popularity in the modern world. No matter how smart, sincere and kind you may be, the beauty of your body still remains for those around you quite important arguments in your (or not in your?) favor.

Fortunately, to look good, a minimum of personal care is enough. And a fashionable pedicure is one of the essential components of such care.

In this article we will talk about the features of fashionable pedicure spring-summer 2013. Also, we will recall the main principles of manicure and pedicure 2013 and talk about how to properly care for nails in general.

Pedicure 2013 — main trends

The most fashionable pedicure styles this year include:

  • french pedicure. A timeless classic. French is a truly universal style — it always goes with everything. Ideal for nail extension — legs will look well-groomed and neat;
  • bright monochromatic manicure — juicy light green, turquoise, fiery red, lemon, catchy purple and other bright shades at the peak of popularity. Choose a shade of varnish that matches the color of your shoes and outfit, or vice versa, contrasting with them — and you will definitely be in trend;
  • fashionable pedicure with rhinestones, sparkles and other «evening» decor. Luxurious shining decor on the nails will turn your legs into real jewels, and you into the queen of the evening. But remember that rhinestones, sequins and other decorations on the nails require the appropriate style of shoes and clothing. Combining an evening pedicure with sportswear is probably not worth it;
  • gradient effect, or «ombre». A smooth transition from one color to another looks good not only on the nails of the hands — it is highly recommended to use it in a pedicure this spring;
  • pedicure with polka dots. Bright painting on the nails is gradually becoming a thing of the past, but the style of «polka dots» remains relevant.

General principles of pedicure

To keep your feet always looking great, follow the basic principles of nail care:

  1. Toenails should be cut straight, without too much rounding and filing down the corners — otherwise the nail may begin to grow into the skin, even if it is cut very short.
  2. It is undesirable to do a trimming pedicure using a sharp razor at home — entrust this difficult procedure to professionals. If you prefer to take care of your feet yourself, ditch the dangerous razor in favor of a quality foot file. Remember: the more often you cut off the skin, the faster it grows.
  3. If signs of a fungal disease appear on your nails: yellowing or thickening of the nails, cracked heels, itching, an unpleasant odor — first of all, get rid of the disease.
  4. It is better not to cut the cuticle on the toes — it performs a protective function, preventing the occurrence of fungal diseases. Give preference to the European version of the pedicure, in which the cuticle is pushed back, but not cut off.

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