trendy nail designs

Every girl should have well-groomed hands and a beautiful manicure, regardless of the time of year and season. Even with the arrival of the cold period, the relevance in a neat manicure does not lose its significance. Today, making beautiful nails is not a problem. If your natural nails do not grow well or are sick, then a beautiful, neat shape can be given with the help of extended or false nails in any beauty salon. However, in any case, the nails should be covered with a beautiful varnish. Fashionable drawings on nails are gaining more and more popularity. Any novice master is able to make a beautiful print or abstraction even on short nails. And if an experienced skilled craftsman comes across, then your nails will certainly become a masterpiece. Therefore, you need to know which pattern on the nails will be fashionable in the new season.

If you have your own natural nails, then in this case, stylists do not recommend making catchy and bright pictures. After all, the shape of natural nails is most often imperfect, and a juicy pattern will only emphasize this shortcoming. Therefore, the most fashionable drawing on natural nails is considered a non-standard French manicure. In this case, it means that the strip along the edge of the nail should be made in the form of a beautiful print, decorated with abstraction, flowers or stones, but most of the nail will be covered with light or transparent varnish. This option is ideal for nails of unequal length or uneven shape.

If you prefer drawing along the entire length of the nail, then on natural nails it is better to make discreet neat pictures. It is desirable that the main varnish is light, and the pattern occupies no more than one third of the nail.

Fashion drawings on extended nails

Girls with extended nails are provided with a wider selection of fashionable patterns. In this case, stylists, on the contrary, recommend using bright varnishes and Swarovski stones. Acrylic molding is also in fashion. Make beautiful abstract drawings, beautiful pictures with representatives of flora and fauna, as well as three-dimensional flowers using modeling.

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