autumn party gold makeup

The fall party is a bright holiday, which in tribute to this time of year should be painted in warm natural colors. All accessories for the outfit, as well as in the scenario of the party itself, should resonate with the theme of autumn. Golden make-up will be the most timely and exactly on topic this festive evening. It is he who will help create a luxurious, sophisticated and irresistible image that will undoubtedly attract everyone’s attention. But keep in mind that in order to look really attractive, you must follow some rules for applying golden makeup.

Gold Makeup Tips

Creating a golden makeup is both difficult and easy at the same time, but, most importantly, here you can show your imagination, because there are a large number of makeup options with golden hues. At the same time, it must be remembered that when applying cosmetic products, even for festive and evening make-up, it is important to be able to avoid excesses, to find that very “golden mean”.

Consider the entire process of applying gold makeup, focusing on the essential details that must be taken into account.

Foundation application

On thoroughly cleansed facial skin, apply a foundation — a foundation that gives matte and smoothness. In the presence of skin defects, it is imperative to use a corrector, because. this type of make-up is especially demanding in relation to the impeccability of the skin.

We paint eyebrows

In the next step, pay attention to the eyebrows. If necessary, you can emphasize their contour with a pencil, as well as use a special styling gel. You can also apply golden shadows on them, but only in a very small amount.

Gold in the eyes

Next, proceed to the eye makeup, starting with the application of shadows. Here it is necessary to take into account the following rule: if your skin is light, then it is better to choose light golden shades, without a hint of copper, and if the skin is tanned or swarthy, a shade of red gold or close to bronze is preferable. You should not cover the entire eyelid with golden shadows, they must be combined with shadows of other shades. For example, using golden shadows in tandem with black, dark gray or dark brown, you can create the effect of a deep, charming look. Alternatively, instead of shadows of a different color, you can use eyeliner. The area under the eyebrow can be highlighted with white shadows. For eyelashes, it is acceptable to use both black and brown mascara (you can be guided by the shade of the hair).

Lip makeup

We start the lip makeup with moisturizing and applying a tone so that the lipstick lasts longer and lays down evenly. If you want to use lipstick with a touch of classic gold, then it should be borne in mind that eye makeup in this case should not be too catchy and overly “golden”. It is still preferable to use a translucent gloss with a golden sheen or golden particles. Or you can apply on top of your regular lipstick (better if its color is closer to terracotta or peach), apply a little gold glitter in the center of the lips and rub to the edges.

Finishing touches

At the end of the golden makeup, we apply blush, which will emphasize the contour of the face and give additional shine. We cover the protruding parts of the face with a thin layer of shimmering blush or

An organic addition to golden makeup will be a golden manicure using rich colors of a shade of gold. Naturally, all the jewelry that you wear to the party should be only made of gold. Again, it is important to avoid excesses and abandon massive products in favor of simpler and more elegant ones.

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