Dry hand skin

Dry hand skin This problem is familiar to many women, regardless of age. Dry skin causes a lot of trouble: cracks, wounds, irritation, as well as an untidy appearance. Fortunately, this problem is quite solvable. In most cases, you can make the skin more hydrated and supple at home with the help of many means. In order to say goodbye to this problem once and for all, in addition to treating dry skin of the hands, it is necessary to get rid of all the causes that cause dryness.

Causes of dry skin on hands

The skin of the hands is more vulnerable and prone to dryness than, for example, the skin on the face. The skin on our hands contains several times less moisture. And also, it lacks sebaceous glands. The most common causes of dry skin on the hands are:

  • exposure to household chemicals. When in contact with detergents, our skin is first of all exposed to aggressive chemicals, which at first may not even be felt. With the constant use of these products on the skin of the hands, the layer of the epidermis is destroyed, which deprives it of protection. The consequence of this is a variety of allergies, irritations, cracks, dermatitis, as well as very dry skin of the hands;
  • weather. The skin on the hands actively reacts to the weather. Wind and cold make the skin on the hands rough and rough, as a result of which it quickly cracks. The bright sun and heat dry out the skin of the hands and accelerate the aging process. With a sharp change in weather, many women develop dry spots on their hands;
  • avitaminosis. Lack of vitamins contributes to dry skin. Spring and autumn are the time when many people suffer from beriberi;
  • improper hand care or its absence. Choosing the wrong hand care products can have a deplorable effect on their condition. Lack of nutrition for the skin, especially in the cold season, can lead to many problems;
  • congenital very dry skin of the hands and feet.

Dry hands — what to do?

The main and most important rule in caring for dry hand skin is to keep it clean and tidy. Hands should be washed at least 3 times a day, and also after visiting public places. Dry your hands after washing, as the moisture evaporates and dries out the skin. Here are some tips on how to deal with dry skin on your hands.

  1. Gloves should be used when performing any work related to detergents.
  2. Every day you should lubricate your hands with a special cream for dry skin of the hands. The cream can also be applied after each prolonged contact with water — this helps prevent drying of the skin. You can buy a suitable product at any cosmetic store or pharmacy. If dry skin bothers you throughout the year, you should purchase a cream for very dry hands.
  3. Using a mask for dry hands. You can also buy a mask for dry hands at a pharmacy or cook it yourself at home. Excellent means for moisturizing are: sour cream, potatoes, honey, olive oil. Homemade masks for dry skin of the hands should be applied for 10-20 minutes once a week. For very dry hand skin maskdry hands what to do can be applied 2 times a week.
  4. When caring for your hands, use only mild soaps that do not dry the skin, moisturizing lotions and gels.
  5. In the cold season, hands should be warmed, and in the heat, protected from direct sunlight.
  6. In autumn and spring, you should increase the consumption of foods containing vitamins.

Following these simple rules will quickly get rid of dry skin on the fingers. If dry skin is congenital, then before using a variety of products, you should consult a specialist.

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