Disadvantages of men

Oh, they don’t like bossy women, oh, they don’t like ladies’ whims! Why are men themselves ideal or something, do they have any negative qualities? There is, and not a little! So now we will all find out about the shortcomings of men, and let them just try to make claims to us about the chatter on the phone, we will have something to answer.

Disadvantages of men regarding their habits

One of the most important shortcomings of men is their slovenliness. This terrible habit of scattering socks or, even worse, forgetting to change them. Panic fear of daily ablutions and unwillingness to find a common language with a razor. Lack of understanding of the culture of speech about the rules of conduct at the table and so on and so forth. Ladies can name 1001 more habits of their beloved, which irritates them to the point of madness. But think, perhaps everything is not so scary, a man can be explained by the disgusting nature of some of his manners. And do we really need boys that are clean-shaven in all places, whose manicure is better than ours? We’ll start to go crazy with envy.

The disadvantages of guys regarding their behavior in society

Let’s look at the following typical negative qualities that every second guy suffers from.

  1. He loves to brag, “throw show off”, talks a lot, and more often about himself, does not know how (or does not want to) listen to others. It is difficult to deal with such shortcomings of guys, but it is possible. It is often enough to explain to your loved one that he does not look cool, but funny. And almost all guys are afraid to be funny.
  2. Rude manner of communication, sometimes impolite, and has no idea of ​​tact. Well, there are such, it is most often useless to re-educate — the concepts of norms of behavior are laid in childhood, if this did not happen, it is difficult to teach an adult good manners. Maybe he will fulfill your requirements, but not for long and without any pleasure. Although, you definitely do not find fault with your chosen one? You do not expect that he will be moved with you by the next fluffy and lisp at every step?
  3. He hates your friends and (oh, horror) does not want to choose for himself those that you would like. So what? Yes, I would like his friends to please you, and yours to be pleasant to him. But this has its own plus — everyone has their own outlet, where you can get distracted and complain about your soul mate, without fear that everything will become known to him through mutual friends.

Negative character traits of men

Bad habits, bad upbringing, these are all things that you can try to fix or eventually find them not so terrible. But the negative qualities relating to the character of a man cannot be altered — who will break the personality — but they are impossible to endure. True, some ladies manage to endure this, but only if such shortcomings of men are outweighed and paid off by their own merits. So what are the flaws of men that make a woman want to run as far as possible?

  1. Selfishness, narcissism, readiness to erect monuments to oneself adored with an eternal flame on every street of the city. Such men do not notice their shortcomings, clearly seeing the flaws of their companion. So not only do they see, they also make comments, and we (the ungrateful ones, the king noticed) are offended for some reason. Such types generally perceive a woman as an entourage of their own dazzle. Living with such a NarcissistNegative traits of men tiresome and humiliating.
  2. Jealousy, and for every man between the ages of 12 and 100, for your girlfriends, for your work, for your hobbies, for everything that you devote time to besides him. And okay, if it showed up from time to time, then every day interrogations with passion, and sometimes with fists. It turns out not a house, but a branch of the police station. It is not surprising that such an Othello wants to leave as soon as possible.
  3. The greed of a beloved man also hurts. It is clear that not everyone can provide their chosen one with a beautiful life, but the greedy people are shaking over every penny, limiting both the needs of a woman and their own. Moreover, the greedy person will save not only his income, but also yours, the family has a common budget.

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