Closure is usually seen as a negative character trait that causes a lot of inconvenience to its owner. A closed person finds it difficult to make contact, makes new acquaintances, is afraid of strangers, does not adapt well in a new team, and it is difficult to open his soul to others. And all this is not at all out of love for loneliness: sometimes such people especially want to contact others, but difficulties arise with this.

Reasons for isolation

Psychologists consider isolation to be a problem of childhood. It is then, as a rule, that some guys become sociable and relaxed, while others become shy and withdrawn. However, the child grows up, and the problems grow with him, and often loneliness and isolation go hand in hand.

Often, children close in on themselves due to the frequent quarrels of their parents, which take place right before their eyes. And if the child is also involved in such skirmishes, the problems can be even more serious. The kid may try to become inconspicuous, secretive, experience problems in communication. To prevent this type of isolation, it is often enough just to improve the microclimate in the family.

Those children who suffer from a lack of communication also grow up closed. The guys who lived surrounded by other children, regularly went for walks or attended kindergarten, as a rule, do not have such problems. But if the baby spends a lot of time with adults who are always busy with their own affairs and, worse, brush off the child, then isolation is the most obvious scenario. He gets used to the fact that no one cares about him, and gets used to playing with himself.

It is best to start correcting isolation already when the first signal arises — the child refuses to communicate with parents and with anyone else. Further, fear of strangers and major problems in the future may develop. In some cases, the help of a psychologist is required.

How to get rid of isolation?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer to the question of how to overcome isolation. First you need to try to find out where it came from, from what time and how it progresses. If the problems come from deep childhood, then most likely you will not be able to cope without the help of a psychoanalyst.

Often such a feature can be associated with your complexes. For example, completeness and isolation at first glance are weakly connected, but in reality everything is much more serious: because of the fear of condemnation, you withdraw into yourself. In this case, you need to fight with the complexes, and in this way defeat your lack of sociability.

Often, girls, even those with a very pleasant appearance, cannot admit this, and because of this they tend to limit their communication. In this case, you need to change exactly your appearance, do everything to make it suit you as much as possible, and then your isolation will disappear by itself.

Take care of yourself, for example, change your hairstyle or do a manicure, make cosmetic masks — all this will gradually give you confidence in your appearance. Feel free to wear nice clothes, do not dress yourself in dull turtlenecks how to get rid of closureand old jeans. Watch your gait and posture.

Any person easily communicates with those with whom his interests are similar. Therefore, an obligatory step is participation in any circle of interests, attending any courses or classes. There you can find like-minded people and easily establish communication with them. And after the fact that your circle of connections will increase significantly, it will be easier for you to contact other people.

The sharpest, but most effective way to overcome isolation is to consciously step over your fears. If you are afraid to talk to a stranger, approach people on the street and ask for the time. If you are embarrassed to get acquainted — train on dating sites. By doing what you were afraid of before, you conquer your fear.

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