yellow manicure 2014

Those who want to dilute boring gray everyday life with the brightness of summer colors should pay attention to one of the trends of the 2014 season — yellow manicure. Moreover, modern nail art is devoid of any restrictions. The main trend is to wear clothes that suit you, to do a manicure that adorns your hands. At the same time, it is only important to observe the color balance so that the yellow manicure is not a bright spot, indicating bad taste.

Tips from nail artists

Manicure in yellow tones cheers up not only its owner, but also those around. Varnishes of yellow shades can be used both in one tone and in combination with other colors. If you prefer monochrome, it remains only to make a choice in favor of your favorite shade of yellow. A manicure in bright yellow, lemon, gold and paler (pastel) shades looks life-affirming. You can add a touch of dynamics by decorating your nails with drawings, rhinestones, geometric patterns. A yellow French manicure in monochrome looks no less elegant. In general, stylists welcome the play of tones and their saturation.

Do you prefer an achromatic combination of colors in manicure? Try a combination of yellow polish with a white, gray or black palette. Notes of white and light gray on a yellow background will give the image tenderness, while dark gray and black can be used as a catchy accent.

Girls who prefer creative color combinations should look at manicure options that include purple, purple or blue. A mix of pale yellow with fuchsia and yellow-gold with azure looks no less advantageous. To create a neat and stylish manicure, you can use yellow shellac. It looks especially impressive on long nails.

Interesting ideas

A wonderful solution for summer is square-shaped nails covered with bright yellow varnish, on which black dots, bows, hearts or mustachios (antennae) are painted. On long nails, you can depict a variety of geometric shapes using bright varnish. Yellow varnish can be not only a background, but also one of the colors that you use to create a manicure. The border between different colors can be made with black varnish. And, of course, do not forget about the colorful nail art with a variety of prints, stencils, modeling.

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