Two tone nails design 2013

A beautiful and fashionable manicure for a woman is just as necessary as a neat hairstyle, impeccable makeup and a stunning appearance in general. Fashion for nail design is changing rapidly, as well as fashion for clothes and shoes. In 2013, designers offer to experiment with a two-tone manicure.

Two tone nails 2013

Blue, green, pink, yellow nails are no longer news. But the combination of two colors in one manicure has become especially popular this year. The most important thing is that such a manicure can be appropriate both at any celebration and in everyday life.

Coming up with a two-tone nail design on your own is not so difficult. It is only important to choose the right colors and the desired texture of the varnish. The varnish should be quite dense so that the result can really please you, and preferably of the same brand. The texture of varnishes may differ only if you have chosen the colors in the same color range (red-lilac, orange-cream, etc.). Better try to choose bright colors. But the combination of bright colors with pastels will look no less impressive.

If in doubt about the combination of colors, try experimenting first. Buy several shades of lacquer and combine them until you find the right one. Or use the color wheel available at any hardware store.

You can select the middle and ring fingers, index or little finger, you decide. In any case, in 2013, two-tone trendy nails are more than appropriate.

By the way, a manicure with a transition from one color to another, for example, from orange to red, looks very beautiful and impressive.

The evening version of a two-tone manicure can be somewhat brighter. Try combining silver and gold, black and white, navy and light blue. For everyday manicure, use blue and turquoise, orange and light green. In general, think about what color you like best and choose options for it.

Most importantly, store shelves are overflowing with such small feminine joys as colored varnishes.

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