trendy nail color 2013

The arrival of the cold season does not mean that the relevance in the care of hands and nails has been lost. Stylists say that manicures and pedicures are just as important in autumn and winter as they are in spring and summer. Therefore, it is worth knowing what color it will be fashionable to paint nails.

The most fashionable nail color 2013

If you are interested in the question, what color of nails is fashionable now, then you undoubtedly want to be in trend. Getting the answer to this question is not difficult if you are regularly interested in the advice and recommendations of stylists.

For lovers of plain nail polish, fashionable bright colors are considered the most popular. Professional manicure masters distinguish amethyst, coral, yellow, emerald, pomegranate among those. However, stylists do not recommend using such shades for owners of very long or large extended nails.

Beautiful prints and patterns on the nails are also in fashion. Today, even the most novice manicure and pedicure master knows how to make pictures. In addition, you can make yourself a colored French manicure that has never gone out of fashion and fits any style outfit.

Back in 2013, it is very fashionable to paint your nails in different colors. In this case, it is difficult to single out the most fashionable nail color. If you decide to make yourself a similar manicure, then the choice of color remains only for your personal preferences. Stylists allow a combination of absolutely incongruous shades. It is also possible the option of multi-colored drawings, which will differ from each other on different fingers. More modest lovers of beautiful nails, but who want to be in fashion, can paint their nails in the same color scheme, but in different shades. Such a manicure can be done even by the most serious and business-like business woman, because such nails look very stylish and original.

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