A neat manicure will always emphasize the well-groomedness of the owner, and an interesting design — a sense of style. Today, nail design is very popular, and it has long been perceived as an art. Nail art, like everything else, is influenced by fashion, so let’s look at which manicure is considered the most fashionable in 2014.

Fashion trends of manicure 2014

This year, short nails are in trend, that is, free edges should not exceed 4 mm. In our modern times, it is appreciated when chic is combined with practicality, so short nails are comfortable to wear and easy to paint. As for the shape, the leading positions are occupied by almond-shaped and oval. If you prefer square nails, then professionals recommend slightly rounding sharp corners.

The most fashionable colors of manicure in 2014

Fashion for pastel colors has moved to manicure. Delicate shades of pink, menthol, beige, peach, milky and olive look noble and fit almost any outfit. Natural manicure has been very popular for a long time, especially among business women. Manicure «nude» this year was present at the shows of Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Christian Dior and Givenchy.

White and black varnishes are considered relevant. Red nails are a timeless classic, emphasizing elegance and sophistication. The summer season of 2014 is distinguished by its relevance to golden and shiny marigolds. You have probably noticed that it has become fashionable to highlight one or two nails with a contrasting color or sparkles. So, gold lacquer can be combined with all colors, and believe me, this way you will be in trend.

The most fashionable manicure

Undoubtedly, every woman has done a classic jacket at least once, and some do it all the time. So, today nail designers advise decorating a French manicure not just with rhinestones and sparkles, but with interesting lace appliqués or castings.

Casting on nails is the creation of patterns using foil, gel or special velvet. This manicure is very bright and will always attract attention.

Today, there are so many ways to decorate nails, but there are also designs that have long gone out of fashion. For example, forget about acrylic modeling on nails, as well as massive Chinese paintings with a huge amount of rhinestones and stones — today all this is not relevant.

The most fashionable manicure of 2014 should not be boring, so study the photos and experiment ahead!

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