Summer nail design 2013

In summer, attention is paid to hands no less than to the face, because you can’t hide them under gloves, and a fashionable manicure becomes no less important detail of a woman’s image than makeup and hairstyle.

In the new spring-summer 2013 season, nail designs are predicted to be more rigorous than before. The new trend will be natural, oval shaped nails. Some forms of nails, such as long and square, are leaving the arena, along with flashy shades of varnish and conspicuous large decorations.

The main fashion trends in nail design 2013

  1. Many world designers predict this season the fashion for plant and flower trends. Such a nail design will not only cheer you up, but will also go well with bright clothes and a small flower print that is fashionable this season.
  2. Gaining popularity for the period of summer 2013 nail design, made in the style of a hippie. Such a manicure is characterized by abstract drawings with Indian and gypsy motifs, smeared poisonous spots on the nails, as well as elements of music.
  3. Fashion trend for the summer of 2013 will be the design of nails with geometric patterns. Nail masters in such a manicure recommend using several contrasting colors to get a more interesting pattern.
  4. The new spring-summer 2013 season brought the fashion to the original nail design imitating the skin of reptiles. Such a manicure will look very interesting and original, especially with the right color scheme, for example, a combination of bright green with white or blue.
  5. Very fashionable in the new season will be to combine abstract patterns on the nails with the same patterns on the dress. Such a manicure is done in the same colors and shades as the outfit, completely or partially repeating its pattern.
  6. The novelty of summer nail design 2013 is an aquarium manicure. This work of art looks like a picture that is viewed through glass, while the decorations are fixed inside the nail plate.
  7. Rainbow nail design will be a great solution for creating a festive mood, and its brightness and originality will definitely draw attention to your nails. This manicure can be used both everyday and for parties.
  8. In the new season, at the peak of popularity is a glamorous caviar manicure, which is performed using colored, small beads. The development of the British company Ciate looks incredibly stylish and elegant.

Trendy colors of the new season

  1. The most popular this season are the colors of the sea and the sky. Their various shades are perfect for both workdays and holidays. Sparkling polishes in delicate shades will perfectly complement your look both in combination with each other and separately.
  2. The new season welcomes the combination of color in manicure and lip makeup. Orange, red, fuchsia, as well as other bright colors of varnishes matched identically to lipstick, will make your look incredibly stylish and sexy.
  3. The fashion trend of summer 2013 in nail design is considered to be a delicate bed. Such a manicure is perfect for the warm season, refreshing the image and blending perfectly with various outfits. The use of several shades of varnish at once, as well as a spectacular “French” or trendy “degrade” can give a special originality.
  4. No less relevant colors this season are gold, silver and metallic with small splashes of sparkles. Such a manicure will create a sense of mystery and will look great with a plain outfit.
  5. The shades of orange that are fashionable this season will attract admiring glances to your hands. Such a manicure, decorated with a variety of patterns and rhinestones, will become a real decoration of your nails.

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