shellac manicure ideas

Habitual nail polishes crack and peel off after a few days. The shine is not the same, the nails look unkempt. Shellac (gel polish) is a special varnish that gives you the opportunity to forget about manicure problems for several weeks, which is especially appropriate during a vacation or business trip.

Gel polish application technique

In fact, working with this material is quite simple. First you need to bring the nails and cuticles into proper condition. Push back the cuticles, cleanse the nails of dead cells. The next step is to give the nails the correct geometric shape with a nail file. The surface of the nail plates is slightly filed so that the gel polish “fits” better. Do not overdo it so as not to deplete the plate at all. To remove the smoothness, a buff is applied. Next, the nail is degreased and disinfected. As you can see, these procedures can be easily done at home.

You can’t do without a portable UV lamp. First, the base layer is dried under it, and then the color and finishing shellac. In total, the drying procedure takes 6 minutes. The sticky layer is removed with a degreaser, the cuticle is lubricated with moisturizing and healing oil. This technique allows you to create an unusual manicure of incredible strength.

Shellac Manicure Ideas

You can create many options for shellac manicure. So one of the most common types of shellac manicure is the lunar version, which gained its popularity back in 2009. If you love drawings, color transitions on nails, all this is very easy to bring to life with the help of gel polish. But remember that you do not need to combine gel polish with regular polishes, as these paints are different in quality and texture. The drawing is done with special thin brushes.

Ombre shellac manicure is at the peak of popularity. A smooth transition of varnishes is easy to ensure. To do this, apply a coating of one color on half of the nail, and another varnish on the second. Blot the joint with a sponge so that the transition is smooth. It is also desirable to cover the surface with a transparent gel polish so that the pattern is in the same plane.

French manicure made with shellac is considered a classic of nail art. It’s beautiful and elegant. In addition, such work looks much more natural than extended gel nails.

The color scheme of manicure with shellac coating is very diverse. These are rich dark, and delicate light, and pastel, and neon shades. There are also options with glitter, matte and glossy. This allows you to surprise others with the beauty of your hands. It is difficult to describe all the possibilities of gel polish in words, the best types of shellac manicure can be seen in the photo.

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