scissors for newborns

Most babies are born with fairly long fingernails that they can scratch themselves with. Thin nails bend, crumble, break off. A child should regularly do a good manicure, and the question of how and how to cut the nails of a newborn is far from being as simple as it seems. That is why one of the baby care items that you should take care of in advance is newborn scissors.

Scissors for newborns — which is better?

It is strictly not recommended to use the usual nail scissors for adults, because they have sharp tips, and a mobile child can get hurt. Safety children’s scissors differ from classic scissors in that they have a rounded, blunt tip. With them, you can not be afraid to injure the baby.

How to choose scissors for newborns?

The industry offers many models of scissors for newborns. When buying, you should pay attention to the thickness of the blades, since it will be very inconvenient to cut soft nails with thick blades. The handle of the scissors should be ergonomic, comfortable to lie in the hand.

  1. For example, Pigeon baby scissors are a good choice. The rounded ends of these scissors ensure safe use. Thin and short blades allow you to cut your baby’s nails without any problems. The special shape of the scissors handle makes it possible to firmly fix the tool in the hand with three fingers. The kit includes a protective cap for blades for hygienic storage.
  2. Scissors for newborns Chicco. Their blades are made of durable stainless steel and do not contain nickel. The tips are rounded to prevent injury. Sold in a set with a case that protects the blades from contamination.

It must be remembered that trimming the nails of babies is required about once every 4 days, since they grow quickly enough. You should not squeeze the child’s hand too tightly, otherwise the procedure will cause him unpleasant associations. And most importantly, children’s manicure should be done in a good mood, without haste.

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