pipe nails

Beautiful well-groomed hands are part of a successful image of a woman, but, as a rule, women have enough worries, and therefore growing long nails is not always within the realm of possibility. In addition, an unbalanced diet and a polluted environment lead to brittle nails, which, again, prevents the creation of a consistently beautiful manicure.

This problem was solved very simply by stylists — they offered women nail extensions, which today have become a work of art in professional circles.

Originally, extended nails were invented in medicine to restore damaged nails, and therefore they are adapted to everyday life. Women like extended nails because they save time — they look attractive for several weeks and do not require constant manicure.

pipe nail shape

Pipe nails are very popular today. This is due to the practicality of the form — the nails are stronger, as well as the aesthetic appearance — they look elegant and elegant.

Pipe nails are the sweet spot between square and almond shaped nails. The task of the master is to create an ideal arc of the nail plate — the side faces are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

This form of nails implies a large length of the nail — otherwise the pipe effect will not be noticeable.

This form allows you to create a variety of nail designs — both French and intricate patterns look good with it.

The pipe nail shape is ideal for women who have an elegant and classic style of dressing.

Pipe can have both rounded and pointed shape.

Features of pipe form nail extension

Pipe nail extension requires the master to master the technique of extension. The pipe can be made with both gel and acrylic, but the use of molds is mandatory, because symmetry and a perfect arc are essential for pipes.

When an arch is formed, the master must correctly clamp the free edge of the nail so that the result is not a trapezoidal shape.

When the arc is formed, the crucial moment comes to create the corners, which have become the hallmark of the pipe. The sides should be parallel to each other and be symmetrical. A good eye gauge is useful to the master, because the edges of the corners should be the same length.

Then the extension continues according to the usual scheme — the master polishes the nails and covers them with a protective coating, after which you can proceed to create an unusual design.

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