pink manicure

Surely everyone will agree that beautiful and well-groomed nails for a woman are no less important element of the image than makeup or accessories. By the way, it is by the type of nails that you can find out more information than by other details of the appearance. Therefore, most women devote enough time to their nails, regularly doing manicures.

One of the most popular types of manicure is pink nail polish. It can be called a classic and universal option for all women.

The benefits of pink manicure

A manicure with pink lacquer is really suitable for all the fair sex, regardless of age, profession, character and life position. Pink color is able to perfectly emphasize femininity, it is a symbol of tenderness and beauty. In addition, this type of manicure will be appropriate in absolutely any situation.

Pink manicure looks great on both short and long nails, as well as on nails of various shapes — oval, pointed, square.

But it should be borne in mind that pink varnishes are different, they differ in hue, brightness and color saturation, the presence of additives (metal particles, mother of pearl, etc.). Therefore, in each case, it is worth considering a suitable version of a pink manicure.

Choice of pink polish

The soft pink color of the manicure will suit any woman, this shade adds neatness to the manicure, goes well with any clothes. Bright pink manicure is more appropriate for young girls.

You can choose a varnish depending on skin tone:

  1. For swarthy girls, cold shades of pink are suitable.
  2. For women with ivory skin — light, warm tones of pink, peach-pink.
  3. Those who have pinkish skin can use all shades of pink — from pale to saturated.
  4. For women with white, aristocratic skin, it is better to opt for soft pink shades.

In addition, pink nail polish can be combined with many other shades. For example, a pink and white combination is a great option for creating a French manicure. A black and pink manicure with various patterns, drawings and prints looks elegant and unusual.

A luxurious look to the nails can be given by combining pink and gold colors in a manicure. The combination of pink and metallic colors also looks spectacular. Also, rhinestones, broths, lace and other nail design elements, especially light colors, perfectly harmonize in a manicure with pink varnish.

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