peeling skin on fingers

The peculiarity of sensitive skin of the hands is that it immediately reacts to any external stimuli, as well as to the lack of certain components. Therefore, having discovered that the skin on the fingers is peeling, it is necessary to review the diet, determine the presence of aggressive factors and take measures to eliminate them.

Why does the skin on the fingers peel off?

This phenomenon can occur for various reasons:

  1. The first most obvious factor may be a lack of vitamins A and E, essential for the beauty of the skin.
  2. Insufficient care, lack of nutrition and skin hydration.
  3. If the skin around the nails peels off, then there is a possibility of finger fungus. Signs of the disease are itching, which becomes more intense after washing the hands. Such an ailment is typical for a hot period.
  4. Also, the cause of the disease may be the occurrence of an allergic reaction to household products or cosmetics. You can determine an allergy by observing the reaction of the body at the beginning of the use of a new substance.
  5. Stress, excessive physical and emotional stress can affect the condition of the epidermis. Hot baths and fumigation with essential oils help to calm the nervous system.
  6. Frequent contact with detergents will not cause serious harm, however, if gloves are not used when washing, the skin may begin to peel between the fingers.
  7. Incorrectly selected soap, containing a lot of chemical components, can adversely affect the condition of the skin. Especially harmful is the frequent use of antibacterial detergents, which cause itching and burning.
  8. Climbing the skin on the hands can also be due to improper hygiene. Regular rubbing of hands with a terry towel, which stretches the skin, negatively affects. Experts advise not to wipe your hands, but to blot them. Wearing knitted gloves can also affect the condition of the skin due to exposure to detergent residues. Therefore, it is recommended to use a mild shampoo to wash them.

What to do if the skin on your hands peels off?

Having found whitish scales of the skin and its delamination on the surface of the hands, the influence of harmful factors should be eliminated and some preventive measures should be taken:

  1. The first step is to compensate for the deficiency of vitamins by including carrots, nuts, prunes, tomatoes, eggs and other foods that have vitamins A and E in the diet. then the help of a specialist is required.
  2. To prevent peeling, attention should be paid to hand care. Prolonged contact with water should be avoided. And after washing your hands, be sure to use moisturizing and nourishing formulations. Owners of dry skin should resort to the help of soap, which has in its composition chamomile, aloe, glycerin and lecithin.
  3. peeling skin around nails

  4. It is useful to make masks with yolk and with the addition of honey. Two yolks are rubbed with natural honey and applied to the affected skin, put on top put on cotton gloves and keep it that way all night.
  5. Another good remedy is gelatin. It, previously dissolved in water, is taken orally in the morning and at bedtime in a spoonful. Before going to bed, hands are dipped in a bath of dissolved gelatin.
  6. The use of baths and masks gives an effect only if the cause of the disease lies in excessive dryness of the skin. If the skin on the hands is very peeling, and poor hygiene and contact with chemicals have nothing to do with it, then you need to make an appointment with a doctor to identify a possible allergen or other factors.

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