New Year's makeup

Do you believe in omens? Most people believe in New Year’s Eve, making a wish to the sound of the chimes (some manage to write it on a piece of paper, burn it, mix the ashes in a glass of champagne and drink it, so that it will surely come true). The most common sign is “how will you celebrate the New Year …”, and then you know. Tables are laid hospitably so that “so all year long”, elegant (preferably new) clothes are put on. What do we have left for year-round beauty? Face! A good makeup for the New Year will ensure your success, we hope, for the whole coming year.

Makeup for the New Year needs to revise your cosmetic bag (you will have to update or buy something). So, let’s begin:

  1. False eyelashes. Deep, expressive look and compliments — that’s what awaits you if you decide to use false eyelashes. Even with minimal makeup, they work wonders!
  2. Foundation. This is exactly what you should not save on. A good foundation will provide perfect skin, which means that unaesthetic shine does not threaten it. In addition, the makeup «does not float.»
  3. Evening flicker. Soft shimmer on the face looks very impressive. Mother-of-pearl will help to make it, or rather, powder or shadows with mother-of-pearl. As a rule, highlights are added on the cheekbones and a little under the eyebrow.
  4. sequins. New Year’s makeup with sparkles is a great opportunity to radically change your image. You yourself will definitely enjoy your reflection in the mirror, and you will pleasantly surprise someone. There are now a great many options for sequins and sequins: small, large, self-adhesive, dry and gel-based. Use boldly, but carefully, so as not to turn yourself into a sparkling doll.

New Year excludes the main rule of make-up — «we highlight one thing: lips or eyes.» Feel free to put accents where «your heart desires.»

Eye makeup by color

For blue eyes, golden, bronze, silver, copper and chocolate shades will be good. Sky-colored eyes look incomparable in a haze of violet shadows. Try using blue eyeliner and mascara on New Year’s Eve.

Brown eyes are perfectly highlighted by a pink-lilac palette, gray, beige. Experiment with purple mascara and eyeliner to help create a wispy look.

Enchanting green eyes are well emphasized tones in tone. Use olive, green or gray shadows. New Year’s makeup for green eyes is effective in contrasting colors: golden, pearl, chocolate.

Do bright makeup for the New Year, put on bright costumes! New Year is the brightest holiday that can give us the same vivid emotions!

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