painting nails

Creating a luxurious nail design using painting is a great art that anyone can master at home. Of course, it will be difficult to immediately execute a complex and intricate pattern, as it requires certain skills in drawing and hardness of the hand, but over time you can achieve amazing success and create great nail art. If you know that drawing is not your forte, you can always turn to professionals and get a beautiful painted manicure.

Types of painting on nails

Now there are a huge number of options for painting on nails, but we will talk about the most relevant this season.

Watercolor painting of nails characterized by a general mutedness of colors and gentle transitions from one color to another, as well as a slight blurring of the pattern, which is also characteristic of watercolor paintings. It is best to apply this painting on nails coated with gel polish, as such a base makes it easy to correct drawing errors if they occur, and will ensure greater durability of the coating. After all, no one wants to lose the design, on which, sometimes, they have to work for several hours, after a few days due to the fact that the varnish on which the drawing was applied began to chip off.

Lace painting on nails made with acrylic paint. This allows you to achieve brightness and durability of the picture. This design is suitable for both extended and natural nails of any length. A pattern imitating lace can be perfectly combined with a jacket or a moon manicure in the same color. Lace painting will not look too vulgar and is suitable even for a girl working in an office with a strict dress code.

Chinese painting on nails — a very popular type of nail art now. Thanks to the use of a special brush, oriental-style floral ornaments are voluminous and catchy. Such a design is sometimes erroneously called «Japanese», however, only some similarity of the drawings used in the painting makes it related to this country.

Painting nails with varnish or gel polish. Such a painting can be practiced at home, especially since the simplest drawings can be created using varnish and an ordinary needle. Such painting does not lose popularity, since its unpretentious ornaments can be used even on short nails.

Nail painting technique

Manicure with painting on the nails is done in several approaches. To begin with, the usual processing of the nail is performed, it is given the necessary shape, the cuticle is cut off or shifted to the edge of the nail. Then a base coat is applied to the nail, and then, if necessary, a varnish of the main color (when working with gel polishes, you need to follow the same scheme). Then it remains to wait for it to dry completely.

To draw a picture, you must prepare the necessary tools in advance. So, for painting with watercolors on nails, watercolor paints and a special thin brush for painting nails are used. To create the rest of the designs, you need to purchase acrylic paints for painting nails and a thin brush, for Chinese manicure — a special flat brush with beveled bristles. Well, painting with varnish is done with ordinary nail polish of the required color.

After the base coat has dried, you can begin to apply the pattern. If you are not completely confident in your abilities, then you can first practice on a piece of paper. After the drawing is applied, you need to let it dry thoroughly, and then fix everything with a top transparent coating, which will make the drawing brighter and protect it from damage.

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