nails design novelty 2014

In general, nail design throughout all seasons of 2014 would be true to such concepts as conciseness and style. Exclusively on the catwalks during fashion shows, one could see some incredible manicure with bright patterns and even small plastic parts glued to the surface of the nail. In everyday fashion, there is no place for such excesses, since it is rather inconvenient, and not universal. But, nevertheless, mere mortals can afford to decorate their nails with some stylish designs. Let’s look at what are the latest in nail design in 2014, and how they can be used in your everyday manicure.

Nail polish — new 2014

To begin with, let’s look at what colors of varnishes are now at the height of fashion. In general, this autumn pleases us with a rich and luxurious palette with a truly autumnal atmosphere. This can be seen both in clothes and in the shades of varnishes that are now fashionable. For example, burgundy lacquer is in trend, reminiscent of aged Burgundy wine in shade. Equally popular are gold and silver metallics, which look incredibly chic, giving the impression that the nails are covered with these precious metals themselves, and not just their likeness. It is worth noting that the combination of burgundy and gold looks great and is suitable both for ordinary everyday life and for some special days and holidays.

The universal black varnish does not lose its popularity. Once upon a time, it was the prerogative of the ready subculture, but then this color burst into the fashion industry and since then, for several years, this varnish has been incessantly popular. And this is not surprising, because it is suitable for any occasion, it can be combined with a wide variety of colors and shades, and it also looks very rich, despite its apparent simplicity.

In addition, orange, blue, purple and green colors are in fashion, which are perfect for autumn manicure. Well, do not forget that we ourselves can create fashion, so do not be afraid to experiment with colors and then your nails themselves can become the novelty of 2014, flashing an original and bold manicure.

Drawings on nails — new 2014

And now let’s take a closer look at what it is — this year’s nail art. Since nails are short and of medium length in fashion, long false claws are not welcome, and, accordingly, the drawings on the nails are rather modest, which is dictated by their small length, on which the artist, so to speak, has nowhere to swing.

A variety of patterns are in fashion, reminiscent of embroidery on old tapestries. And also such old and familiar “polka-dot” nails, which look very playful and spectacular, do not go out of fashion. Stripes became a novelty in 2014 in nail painting. One or two horizontal or vertical stripes look minimalist, but no less stylish. It will be very beneficial in such a manicure to make some pastel, burgundy or black color the main one, and draw a strip with gold and silver metallics. Also in trend is a manicure with a color blocking effect, which combines contrasting colors.

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