mint manicure

The trend of the year was mint color. It means a delicate bluish-light green hue. It is being used by more and more fashion designers. This could not but affect the manicure. This light green shade on the nails is relevant at any time of the year: in the cold it will warm and add energy to you, and in the warm it will refresh and cool.

A mint-colored manicure looks great, not only if you have things of the same color in your wardrobe, but also on its own, especially with black outfits.

How to make a manicure in mint colors?

There are many variations on how to make a manicure with mint-colored varnish, consider the main ones.

Monochromatic manicure

The easiest way is to paint the treated nails with mint-colored varnish. Since this shade belongs to pastel tones, in order to achieve a rich color, it must be applied in two layers, allowing the first to dry well.

A white jacket, located both at the ends and at the root of the nail, will look very nice with such a manicure.

Multi-shade manicure

If you don’t like drawings or don’t have time to apply them, a fun solution is to paint each nail with a different shade of mint. It is better to place them in descending order of saturation on each hand equally.

A mint manicure made using the ombre technique will also look great. In this case, it is very good to take white varnish as the second color. Such a manicure will be both bright and not defiant.

Two-tone manicure

All pastel colors are perfectly combined with each other. Therefore, you can dilute the coolness of mint color with the warmth of pink or yellow shades. It is very easy to make such a manicure:

  1. As a base, a layer of mint varnish is taken.
  2. After it dries well, a pattern is applied in pink or yellow. It can be sticks, dots, simple flowers or wavy lines.
  3. You can complement the patterns with large sparkles or stones.

You can also make any pastel color (pink, lilac, beige, peach) the main one, and a jacket mint. It will look especially elegant with a silver edging along the line of their connection.

Mint pink and mint yellow manicure will be a great decoration for your nails. They will create a summer mood, and raise it in cloudy weather.

Mint manicure with a pattern or accent

Drawing over such a manicure is recommended to be simple and airy:

  • snowflakes;
  • points;
  • in stamping technique;
  • spots;
  • simple flowers — roses, daisies, dandelions;
  • ornament;
  • circles and contours of other geometric shapes.

To perform these elements, you should choose the following colors:

  1. White — always looks good, manicure turns out even brighter, suitable for making lines, dots, contour and abstract images;
  2. Black — the drawing will be very clear and well viewed, this is necessary if you want to highlight something important or thematic;
  3. Green and all its shades — then you get a light discreet pattern, barely noticeable, but at the same time very elegant;
  4. Lilac, yellow, pink shades — suitable for making flowers.

It is very fashionable to focus on the nail of the ring finger. It can be dyed any color paired with mint. You can make the opposite manicure to the main one on one finger, that is, if the base on all fingers is made in mint colors and the pattern is white, but on this finger the base is white and the pattern is mint.

Manicure in mint color will make you fashionable and bright, but keep in mind that you should not overload your image with this shade, so you need to choose between manicure and makeup in these tones.

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