Matte nail polish

Matte nail polishes have been gaining more and more popularity lately, and this is understandable. Such varnish almost always looks flawless on nails, distinguishing you from many girls walking around with a simple manicure made with ordinary nail polish. Matte effect nail polish became especially popular in 2010, but this summer it again retained its status as one of the most popular nail trends, finally winning the hearts and nails of girls. This polish also has a number of positive aspects, in addition to the fact that it looks gorgeous on the nails. Firstly, matte nail polish is easy to apply — it is even easier to use than regular polish, but, nevertheless, when doing a manicure with it, you need to be extremely careful. Matte lacquers have a thick consistency and are applied without streaks and gaps, which is another plus in the direction of using matte nail polishes. Secondly, nail polish with a matte finish tends to dry quickly, literally in a matter of seconds. Therefore, if you need a spectacular manicure, but you do not have a lot of time, then matte nail polish is the best solution to your problem.

And now let’s take a closer look at the most popular shades of matte varnishes.

Black matte nail polish

There are a huge variety of shades of matte nail polishes: from transparent and pale beige varnishes to black or dark blue-violet. And yet, black matte nail polish has gained the most popularity, being in the most popular collections of cosmetic companies, for example, such as OPI and Orly. Black varnish looks very impressive and suits any girl who strives for originality and beauty of her nails. Not only the usual matte black polish is very popular with girls, but also polish with the addition of various sparkles, shades and silvering, adding some chic to your look. Also, you can often see girls with French manicure using black matte nail polish. This option of using varnish looks very unusual, but, of course, beautiful.

Gray matte nail polish

But still, not every girl will be able to decide on such a dark color of manicure, such as black. Therefore, along with black nail polish, one of the most popular matte effect polishes is gray. Gray matte nail polish is in no way inferior in spectacularity to black or, the same blue-violet varnish. Gray color goes well with almost any of your outfits, being a universal color in manicure and makeup, as well as in clothes. Gray matte nail polish can also be combined with other matte nail polishes that match in color, using them in a French or moon manicure.

Clear matte nail polish

But in addition to colored varnishes, there is also a transparent matte nail polish. Transparent matte nail polish is an insanely versatile thing in a girl’s makeup bag! After all, buying one matte varnish — you will get one matte varnish, but, buying a transparent varnish, the number of matte varnishes in your cosmetic bag will be equal to the number of all existing bubbles! Such varnish, as you understand, has a number of advantages, because it can be applied to the nail plate, as well as on top of the usual mother-of-pearl varnish, fixing it and creating a matte effect for it, or independently, making the nail transparent matte.

Matte effect nail polish

Extravagant matte varnish has long won its place in the world of beauty, and for several years in a row it has been breaking all records for use by manicure masters. So why are you worse than others — start following new fashion trends, such as, for example, matte nail polish! If you are deprived of the ability to carefully do a manicure on your own, then, undoubtedly, it is still better to turn to a master of your craft — having done a manicure in the salon, you will be sure that your nails will look aesthetically pleasing, and the varnish will not peel off as soon as if you applied him on his own.

We wish you good luck with your experiments!

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