Manicure and pedicure set

Recently, many women prefer to take care of their nails, skin of hands and feet on their own. This is, firstly, safe, and secondly, it saves time and money. For convenience, it is advisable to purchase a manicure and pedicure kit that will allow you to treat your nails and skin in a professional way.

Professional manicure and pedicure set

There are 2 types of such devices: mechanical and hardware types.

mechanical set

In the first case, the set includes files of various sizes and roughness (including for polishing), cuticle blades, and scissors. Sometimes special care cosmetics are added — oil, milk, cream, hardening varnish with calcium, drying for nails.

As you know, before using a mechanical set for manicure and pedicure, called edged, you first need to make a softening and steaming bath for nails and rough skin. So they will be removed much easier and faster, without the risk of cutting themselves.

hardware set

The second type of kit, hardware, is in great demand due to its ease of use. He contains:

  • a device powered by a network or battery;
  • grinding nozzles or discs;
  • brushes;
  • felt discs;
  • nozzles for lifting the cuticle;
  • cutters to remove rough skin.

The number of tools may vary, depending on the brand of the set, its cost and purpose.

How to choose a set for home manicure and pedicure?

The first thing you should pay attention to is the quality of parts, nozzles, discs and cutters, as well as their coating. It is desirable to give preference to metal surfaces with sapphire coating. They last a very long time and minimally injure nearby skin.

An important factor is the turnover speed of the device. Let them be few, even only 2, but the rotation remains constant after touching the skin. A frequent problem of devices is a decrease in the number of revolutions when working with a surface, which often leads to undesirable consequences and even causes pain.

And, of course, the price category is important. A set for hardware manicure and pedicure can be purchased at various prices, but if you value quality, the level of professionalism and want to buy a good thing that will last a long time, do not save.

Manicure and pedicure set — how to use at home?

Everything is very simple, because you don’t even need to do steam baths, the nozzles work great with dry skin:

  1. First you need to completely disinfect the discs and cones, for which you should wipe their surface with alcohol or any other antiseptic.
  2. Then select the nozzles that you will use, decide on the rotation speed that is convenient for you, and proceed.
  3. By means of cone-shaped and cylindrical cutters it is convenient to remove rough skin and calluses on the toes and heels.
  4. By reducing the speed of revolutions, they can be used on the hands.
  5. Round discs with different roughness are designed to correct the length and shape of the nail. Just put your finger on pedicure setrotating nozzle, and give the nail plate the desired look.
  6. The cuticle spatula will allow it to be pushed back and slightly lifted, after which this thin skin can be removed with a thin cylindrical cutter.
  7. Various grinding discs, nozzles with felt and brushes are used to smooth the surface of the nail, giving it extra shine.
  8. After using them, you can safely finish processing the plates and start coloring, or simply lubricate your hands and feet with cream.

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