how to dry nails fast

Surely every woman is familiar with the situation when you urgently need to run somewhere or do something, and a freshly done manicure does not want to dry and the varnish threatens to be smeared at the slightest careless movement. In order not to waste precious time on prolonged drying of a fresh coating, use any of the simple ways to significantly speed up the drying of the varnish.

Dry your nail polish quickly!

Modern stores offer a large selection of different products that speed up the drying process of varnish. It can be a special composition that is applied to already finished nails as another layer of varnish, or a spray. Alternatively, you can opt for a quick-drying polish, but keep in mind that for long nails, it takes a bit of skill to get an even coat on your nails before it starts to dry right on the brush. Do not use poor quality varnishes or those that are already starting to thicken. Uneven application, long drying time and other small annoyances will cause the whole thing to be redone.

Some tricks

There are several simple ways available at home without the use of special tools. First of all, it is important to apply varnish on dry, fat-free nails; before coating, you should do a trimmed manicure and prepare the plates for the upcoming painting. Buffing your nails before applying polish will make the nail plate softer, as well as provide a long lasting manicure and faster drying. If you cool the varnish in the refrigerator for at least half an hour before applying, then it will dry much faster on warm nails. No matter how long the nail polish takes to dry, it is better to apply it in 2-3 thin layers than in one thick one. Let each layer dry properly, then the manicure will be beautiful. And do not forget that if you are used to using the “base” and the fixing coating, then they must also be counted as layers, which means that you need to take a little time to dry. No matter how beautiful your creation is, it will take an incredibly long time to dry if there are more than four, even thin, layers per nail.

It is also known how to dry the varnish with cold water. Simply place the newly coated claws in a bowl of cold water. The drying speed directly depends on the temperature: the colder the water, the less time it takes to achieve the result. And if you are in a hurry, use a hair dryer or fan to dry, but just keep in mind that a direct stream of hot air can cause discoloration of the coating and the appearance of bubbles. In addition, such a manicure is unlikely to be durable.

Not only effective, but also a useful way to speed up the drying of varnish is the use of olive oil. After the varnish dries a little, apply oil to each nail and leave to act for five minutes. After the required time, rinse off with cold water. In addition to the desired effect dry nail polish quicklyyou also nourish your nails, because the beneficial properties of olive oil have long been known.

Knowing such simple techniques to reduce the time spent on high-quality drying of nails, I would like to note that the required amount of time should still be considered the key to beautifully painted nails. Set aside a small time period in your schedule so that you can devote this half hour to your nails without haste. Even the highest quality varnishes can take a very long time to dry, and it will not be very convenient if you limit yourself to something for fear of smearing the varnish.

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