How to make nails beautiful?


How to make nails beautiful

Beautiful nails are, first of all, nails that shine with health. Their condition depends on the lifestyle you lead, the presence of bad habits, foods and products consumed. You can make your nails beautiful both with the help of nutrition rich in vitamins A, E, C and calcium, as well as with special procedures. You can easily make them yourself. These are baths based on vegetable, olive or castor oils, and saline solutions, and the treatment of delicate hand skin with protective creams. And, of course, respect for the nails, which is manifested in wearing gloves in the cold season, washing dishes in protective gloves. All these procedures do not give an immediate effect. But what about those who need to make short nails beautiful “here and now” and as quickly as possible?

Express nail beauty methods

Don’t know how to make small nails beautiful? First, immerse your hands in the bath for 10-15 minutes. The water in it should be warm, with the addition of soap. Then lubricate them with a quality cream. After that (if necessary), whiten the nails with a cotton pad moistened with lemon juice. Remove the cuticle using a special stick for this purpose, which can be made from orange tree or bamboo. Get rid of burrs by cutting them off with wire cutters or scissors. After that, file the surface of the nails with a nail file, including their free edges. Then apply a protective agent (base) on them. After complete drying, you can apply varnish. If you want to visually increase the length of the nail plates, we do not recommend using dark-colored varnishes. Nude manicure looks very stylish and fashionable on short nails. But it is better to refrain from large drawings and decorating nails with pebbles and rhinestones. As you can see, making beautiful nails for yourself is not difficult!


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