how to dilute nail polish

Regardless of the price and quality characteristics, all varnishes thicken and dry out over time. Some types of varnishes become unsuitable for coloring nails already a month after use, while others remain in a normal state for up to six months, but eventually also dry out.

How and with what to dilute dried nail polish?

Of course, having discovered that their favorite nail polish has thickened and it is no longer possible for them to make up their nails, many will think about whether it can be “reanimated”. After all, sometimes it’s not so easy to choose the right shade of varnish, and it’s a pity to throw away the dried varnish if it was used only a couple of times. Fortunately, «extending the life» of varnish is quite easy, and this can be done using simple and affordable means. Let’s consider them.

Acetone and nail polish remover

This is an old and rather harmful method of diluting varnish, which was used by our mothers and grandmothers. Naturally, it is not recommended to use this method today, because it is known that any nail polish remover has a destructive effect on the nail plates.

Hot water

Naturally, the varnish cannot be diluted with water. This method involves immersing a tightly closed bottle of varnish in a container of hot water for several minutes. This allows you to improve the texture of the varnish, make it a little thinner for a while. This procedure should be carried out immediately before staining the nails.

Special agent

“Second life” can be given to varnish by a special tool — nail polish thinner. This method is especially relevant if there is a problem with how to dilute acrylic varnish or gel polish. Varnish thinners can be purchased at the store. With the help of these products, which do not contain acetone, you can restore the varnish to a normal consistency, and at the same time its shade will not change. But the quality of the varnish will improve only for one month, after which it will thicken again, and it will no longer be possible to use it.

How to prevent the rapid thickening of the varnish?
how to dilute varnish

In order for the varnish to last longer without changing its texture, the following recommendations should be considered:

  1. Keep the varnish in a cool place out of direct sunlight.
  2. The bottle with varnish must be tightly closed with a lid.
  3. The neck of the bottle in which the varnish is located must always be clean, without dried deposits.
  4. It is best to purchase varnish, in the bottle of which there are special balls, which, when shaken, allow you to effectively break up varnish clots that form over time.

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