Each woman is a unique and special creature, but they all have one thing in common, a constant desire to change or be transformed. This is especially desirable after long cold and cloudy days. Shopping, a change of image or a bright manicure always helps to recharge with positive emotions, for example, it can be green, which will remind you of the approaching warm season. In addition, it is one of the trendy tones of this season.

There are many ideas for creating beautiful nail art, so we offer several examples that will help overcome the blues and remind you of warm and sunny days.

Manicure in green tones

This year, different shades are in fashion, starting with darker tones, such as emerald or wormwood, and ending with fresh and rich colors: light green, apple, turquoise, lime.

For a casual look, both monochrome and a combination of several colors are suitable. For example, lime-colored nails can be decorated with white flowers. Or create a more original design. It can be kiwi slices, or a pattern resembling a watermelon peel.

Color French is also very popular. And since today there are many original ideas and options, you can safely experiment with different colors and application techniques. For example, you can make a manicure in the form of a jacket with two stripes, yellow and green. Such a design will cheer up not only you, but also the people around you. Owners of long and beautiful nails can decorate a French manicure with flowers that will perfectly fit into a gentle and romantic look. And business women can use dark matte tones. Nail tips can be tinted with glossy varnish, get an original French manicure, which will be the perfect complement to a business dress code.

Lovers of retro style should pay attention to the cage and polka dots, combining dark shades with light ones.

Green manicure on short nails

This year, natural length is in fashion. However, short nails can look stylish and beautiful. For example, a manicure using pink and light green varnish looks very gentle. You can decorate your nails in the form of a jacket, decorating the ring fingers with butterflies.

Well, on the eve of the new year, Christmas trees will help create a festive mood. And with the help of special powder, they can be made fluffy and decorated with multi-colored rhinestones and stars.

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