Glowing nail polish

You won’t surprise anyone with a perfect manicure now. Classic manicure, French manicure, extensions, various painting, even decorations. But, nevertheless, new items keep appearing and appearing. Luminous nail polish has been very popular among young people lately. The highlight of such a coating for nails is that it glows in the dark, which will look good, for example, at a club party, but will not suit a business lady.

Glow in the dark polish

The secret of such varnishes is in the luminescent pigment (usually TAT33). In natural light, such a coating of nails is practically no different from ordinary varnish. Whereas in artificial light, the phosphor begins to glow, and the dimmer the lighting, the brighter the nails painted with such varnish shine.

The color palette of luminous varnishes is quite rich, but usually these are bright, saturated shades. Blue and light green varnishes glow brightest in the dark. Sometimes such a varnish is mixed into a gel or acrylic used in the modeling of false nails, and thus nails are obtained that glow in the dark even without applying varnish.

Luminous varnishes are produced in two types:

  • primersdesigned to cover a clean nail;
  • lacquer-correctorswhich can be applied over already painted nails.

In the second case, we get a manicure that looks like an ordinary day, but glows in the dark. To obtain a brighter glow, varnish (both primer and corrector) is recommended to be applied in several layers. A primer usually takes two coats, as with regular nail painting, while a corrector can take up to six coats to get an intense glow.

Professional glowing polish

Of course, the choice of luminous varnishes is not as great as the usual ones, but lately there have been more and more of them. Consider the most popular options.

  1. Lacquer Jerden Phosphorus — a budget option. A translucent or clear liquid that is best applied over a colored layer. To make the nails glow, you need to hold them in a very bright light.
  2. Lucky Dance Legend — a relatively inexpensive corrective varnish that glows well in the dark and lasts for several days.
  3. Neil Art Varnishes — a line of colored luminous varnishes with a large selection of shades.

Often glowing varnishes can be found in shops that sell jokes, various festive surroundings (for example, for Halloween) and similar places.

How to make glowing nail polish

Of course, you will not be able to make a varnish completely from scratch. But if for some reason you couldn’t find it (this is not the most common product yet), or you didn’t find the right shade, you can always experiment and try to make glowing varnish at home.

In online stores, not only luminous varnishes are available for sale, but also separately — a luminescent pigment. To prepare a glowing polish, you will need a bottle of any clear polish, a glow powder and an envelope or a thick plastic bag.

  1. Cut off the edge of the envelope, making a «funnel» out of it.
  2. How to make glowing polish 1

  3. Open the nail polish bottle and insert the funnel into it.
  4. How to make glowing polish 2

  5. Pour in the right amount of pigment. To obtain a luminous varnish, you need to add pigment in a ratio of 1:4.
  6. How to make glowing polish 3

  7. Mix the varnish with the pigment with a toothpick. Then tightly close the bottle and shake several times until the luminescent pigment is completely dissolved.
  8. How to make glowing polish 4

You can also add the substance to colored varnish, but in this case the glow effect will be much weaker than when using a transparent coating that can be applied on top of an already painted nail.

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