Gel Nail Design 2014

Everything should be perfect for a woman, and when creating your image, doing hair and makeup, do not forget about manicure, because it is the beauty of nails that many people pay attention to in the first place.

If nature has not rewarded you with strong nails, then extensions will always come to the rescue — gel or acrylic, which allow fashionistas to fully express their imagination, creating a beautiful manicure. Fashion never stands still and the design of gel nails in 2014 is in line with all the latest trends.

Today we bring to your attention the original ideas of fashionable design of gel nails 2014.

Gel nails — design 2014

Let’s start with the fact that in the new year, oval and almond-shaped nails will be in fashion. This is the main trend of this season, but if you don’t like the rounded shape, then you can safely create a square shape, which, although it is losing ground, nevertheless remains relevant.

As for the fashionable design of 2014 for gel nails, fashion trends have not changed much, although the color scheme has become much more diverse.

French manicure is considered a classic option that will always be in trend, regardless of the season. The most popular today is the jacket and moon manicure, which reaches the middle of the nail. Today there are many options for creating a French manicure, this is not only a classic jacket, but also the use of waves, a jacket obliquely, as well as double and triple. And, of course, the color scheme can be just as diverse.

2014 is considered the year of chic, brilliance and wealth, so when creating drawings on gel nails, keep this in mind. So, in addition to the fashionable design of 2014, which includes different variations of prints: polka dots, zigzag, leopard and floral print, quail egg, you should use different decorations in the form of rhinestones, sparkles, small and large beads, original stickers, as well as a very fashionable application artistic modeling.

Creative and bright personalities will surely love the idea of ​​combining a classic jacket with original and bright patterns in the form of snails, ladybugs and bees sitting on a rainbow or a jacket with two bright neon stripes.

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