french patterned nails

Invented by Jeff Pink more than 35 years ago, French manicure or just a French manicure has undergone a huge number of changes, adjusting to fashion trends that are relevant in a given period. The popularity of this nail design does not decrease, and one of its varieties attracts special attention — french nails with a pattern or a stylized (decorative) french.

Design feature

A decorative jacket is nails with a beautiful pattern that is applied to the clarified edge of the nail plate or to its middle and is formed not only due to painting, but also due to lace, rhinestones and other decorative elements.

French with a pattern successfully complements almost all forms of nails — round, square and oval. For a more eccentric shape — a stiletto — the most unexpected patterns are appropriate, however, this design is only suitable for a special occasion.

swirl patterns

French manicure goes well with drawings made in the style of painting. Flowers and swirls of bright colors look good on a seemingly natural nail. The technique for performing such nail art involves first applying matte tones to the free edge and the nail itself (classic French manicure). After the base has dried, they start painting.

A painted jacket with a diagonal drawing of the outer edge looks stylish, when instead of a “smile line” a straight beveled line is created. In addition to acrylic paints, nail art masters also use shiny varnishes and rhinestones to create an interesting design — they make piquant accents on the painting elements. Nails in the style of a white jacket with a pattern and rhinestones are appropriate for a wedding.

noble black

Although initially the concept of French manicure assumed maximum naturalness and the use of light shades of varnish, today a fashionable jacket with a black pattern — the contrast with a light base looks quite good.

No less original is the idea of ​​applying black varnish with a pattern to the free edge of the nail instead of a natural white tone. On the free edge, you can draw dots and flowers, or put them with a contrasting varnish along the already applied black “smile line”.

Another eccentric solution is a Hollywood jacket in black, when the “smile line” takes on the shape of a zigzag or “lace” zigzag. The classic «leopard» painting on the outer edge of the nail looks no less stylish.

Special Solutions

For lovers of a unique design, a jacket with a lace pattern is relevant — in this case, real lace is glued to the nails. To create an evening look, black laces are appropriate, and white ones will be most welcome for the bride’s manicure.

The color jacket is also popular, which allows the use of varnishes of “unnatural colors”. This design is suitable for owners of short nails and lovers of bright images. Due to the contrast of textures, the combination of gray matte lacquer with silver metallic applied on the free edge looks incredibly elegant.

Red french nails with a pattern are a solution for expressive ladies. You can paint over the “smile line” with a bloody color, applying only transparent varnish to the rest of the nail. An even more interesting solution is drawing a pattern on the main part of the nail, for example, black and white geometric ornaments. The smile line remains red.

Little advice. As you can see, the jacket does not provide for any taboos — you can create any design by listening to your imagination. However, there is a golden rule of French manicure, which is often violated by beginners.

The «smile line» should always be drawn in the place where it is located on a living nail. If you decide to visually lengthen a short nail by drawing too wide a “smile line”, the jacket will look monstrous.

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