trendy nail shape 2014

In support of the natural look and the simple yet sophisticated look that is so popular this season, matching laconic nail shapes are also in vogue. “Surreal” marigolds are no longer relevant, it is no longer necessary to give the shape of a square or rectangle. This season, fashionable shapes are oval and almond-shaped. The fashionable simple form of nails in 2014 looks very cute and at ease. Such a simple manicure makes the image not only natural, but also youthfully mysterious.

Why simplicity?

For many fashionistas who love bold fashion experiments, this season’s fashionable simple nail shape may seem a little banal. But in fact, in fact, such a manicure fits perfectly into the canons of the classics, and the classics are in no hurry to go out of fashion, because it gives the girl femininity and charm. That is why the most fashionable form of nails in 2014 should be as practical as possible, which implies the use of muted or rich dark tones when covering nails.

The femininity of the image

Today, elements of retro style are gradually returning to fashion, which is why items of clothing and accessories “from a grandmother’s chest” are in special esteem. Similarly, hairstyles reminiscent of the old days are becoming popular, and they look very feminine and charming. The fashionable form of nails for autumn 2014 is no exception, it returns several decades ago, now your nails should look very neat and well-groomed. Don’t get carried away with long nails, the most natural classic manicure will look best on short nails. It is also appropriate to cover with varnishes — from the always fashionable French manicure to dark red, eye-catching shades.

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