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Beautiful marigolds of perfect shape and the same length are the best decoration for women’s hands. It is no secret that growing natural nails is a labor that does not bring results if there is not enough calcium in the body. In this case, false nails come to the rescue of fashionistas. Today we will learn about their types and how to use them.

Varieties of artificial nails

In general, false nails are called artificial nails in the form of ready-made plastic plates that are attached to natural nails with a special glue.

Two other types of artificial nails (acrylic and gel) are called extensions — they are more durable and strong.

Extensions are usually done in a salon, as this procedure requires the use of a UV lamp. But false nails can be used at home — how to glue them correctly, now we’ll figure it out.

Choice of false nails

Finished records are sold in sets. They can be of a natural color, which is important if you want to create a nail design yourself, showing imagination. If there is no time for this, it is worth stopping the choice on already painted plates — such false nails will only have to be pasted, properly processed with a nail file and shaped into an oval, square or semicircle.

According to the method of fastening, the plates are classified into two types:

  • self-adhesive — their inner edge is already treated with a sticky substance;
  • held on by glue — a special glue is included with these false nails.

The first option is good if you need a beautiful manicure for one evening: the sticky substance is inferior in quality to glue, because self-adhesive plates are usually not produced very long.

But glued nails last up to 3 weeks (the highest quality ones).

In terms of shape, the plates are flat, with a pronounced bend and classic — it is worth choosing those that lie on the native nail plate as naturally as possible.

Set cost

When buying false nails, do not be greedy, as cheap plates and glue can:

  • «poison» the natural nail with toxic substances;
  • glue the plate to your own nail too tightly, violating its structure.

In addition, cheap nails are very fragile.

Broadway Nails (around $11) and Pretty Women (around $9) have the best reputation for long-lasting, non-toxic, and high-strength false nails.

How to stick false nails?

The plates are fastened according to the following scheme:

  1. We prepare false nails — we file their edges, adjusting them to the size of the nail roller and giving the desired shape. Lay out the plates in order.
  2. how to put on false nails 1

  3. Prepare your hands: wash them thoroughly and dry them. We remove, if necessary, the remnants of the old varnish, cut the native nail.
  4. how to put on fake nails 2

  5. We move the cuticle around the nail with a metal spatula or a wooden stick. After that, you can process your native nail plates with a small grinder to remove the natural shine. Remove the dust after grinding with a brush, treat the nails with a degreasing agent and proceed to gluing.
  6. how to put on false nails 3

  7. We drip 3 drops of special glue on the false nail from the inside (you can’t use building glue or “Moment” in any case!), Distribute it over the lower third of the plate with the tip of the tube.
  8. how to glue false nails 4

  9. We apply the plate to the nail and firmly press it with our fingers. After 10 — 15 minutes, the plate will firmly “sit down”.
  10. how to glue false nails 5

  11. Repeat this for all nails and admire the result!
  12. how to glue false nails 6

It is important that the plate fits snugly against the natural nail — if an air bubble remains under it, the manicure will fall off very soon. After step 3, self-adhesive plates are simply pressed against the nail (the protective film must first be removed from them).

How to remove false nails?

You can peel off the plates according to the following scheme:

  • dip your fingers into a special solution (KISS Remover Kit, for example);
  • carefully remove the plates.

Another way: before peeling off false nails, you should hold your fingers in hot water, then treat the edges of the glue with acetone and carefully remove the plates.

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