Cracking nail polish

The latest innovation in the field of nail art has been the emergence of cracked nail polish, also called python and craquelure polish. Translated from French, the word «craquelure» means a crack, and such varnishes were previously used exclusively for furniture and paintings in order to create the effect of antiquity of the subject. It was from this area that this idea passed into the nail industry, and a method appeared to obtain the effect of a cracked, “old” nail surface. It should be noted that manicure with cracking varnish has become a hit today and more and more girls are thinking about how to apply cracking varnish.

Cracks on the nails are obtained by applying craquelure over varnish — a base of a different color. The result is cracks through which the color of the underlying varnish is visible. According to the type of cracks, cracking nail polish is classified:

  • Small cracks, through which the layer of the lower varnish is barely visible, are created when using a spider-craquelure;
  • Large cracks, through which the color of the lower varnish is clearly visible, are obtained using the intake craquelure.

How to apply cracking varnish?

Let’s dwell on how to use cracking varnish in more detail, because the end result also depends on the observance of certain conditions. So, we give all the stages of manicure with cracking varnish:

  1. Nail polishes, glosses, etc. should be cleaned. using a special tool without acetone and give them the desired shape;
  2. Next, a base varnish is applied, which will show through the cracks in the nails. Of course, you need to think over a spectacular combination and choose the right colors. A combination of black and white colors, as well as pink and gold base polishes, look win-win. The same can be said about the use of various varnishes with sparkles as the basis. It all depends on the mood, to create a bright manicure, use contrasting shades. If you want a more delicate manicure, you should turn to pastel colors. A duet of white lacquer and baked milk lacquer looks very good, creating a porcelain effect. To bring in actual Gzhel motifs, refer to the combination of pale blue and white colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment and use the full range of colors. It is best to apply two layers of base varnish to obtain a rich color. Dry your base nail polish completely.
  3. Then you need to apply a cracking varnish on top of the base varnish in a thin layer. We wait until the layer dries, and observe how cracks of various shapes spread on the nails. If you want to get harder and more pronounced cracks, then you need to apply as thin a layer of top varnish as possible and use a dried brush for each nail.
  4. The final touch to an unusual manicure will be the application of a fixing agent, a colorless varnish. This stage is mandatory, as it will give the nails a shine and the varnish with a cracking effect will not disappear from the nails ahead of time.

How to paint cracked nails

Thus, the above is the answer to the most pressing question of the season, how to paint nails with cracking varnish. Remember that only with the careful implementation of all stages of manicure, the result will be amazing. And using different color combinations, you can express your mood or make a manicure to match your outfit or accessories. Of course, you can go to the salon and you will get a manicure with cracking varnish and not think about how to paint your nails with it. But the process seems quite accessible to any girl. However, where to apply cracking nail polish, everyone will choose for themselves. It is indisputable only that such a manicure will not go unnoticed, the main thing is that it matches the situation and your style.

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