burrs on fingers treatment

Burrs are torn pieces of skin caused by improper manicure or exposure to skin-drying substances. Burrs on the fingers, the treatment of which is discussed in the article, not only spoil the appearance of the hands, but also carry a danger, because microbes can penetrate into the wound.

Burr treatment

The appearance of a burr is always unpleasant. It not only looks unaesthetic, but also causes pain that interferes with doing your homework. When a burr is found, the main thing that cannot be done is to tear off or bite off the skin. You can only remove a burr like this:

  1. First you need to wash your hands, disinfect them and the tools used.
  2. Then, using special tweezers, the skin is carefully cut off.
  3. The resulting wound is treated with iodine, brilliant green or tea tree essential oil, which also has antiseptic properties.

Burr abscess — treatment

Potassium permanganate is used to fight abscesses. Several crystals of the substance are dissolved in a liter of water and a finger is kept in it for ten minutes. You can also carry out the procedure with soda and salt. By adding two to three teaspoons to water.

If the hangnail is inflamed and the finger is swollen, then it is possible for treatment to need the help of a doctor who will make a puncture to drain the pus. At home, in this case, you can use anti-inflammatory ointments in combination with a few drops of propolis tincture, which has a clear antimicrobial effect.

To draw out pus during inflammation of the hangnail, treatment involves applying a compress from aloe. After cutting the film, the sheet is placed on the finger and fixed with a bandage.

It also helps against inflammation:

  • grated carrots;
  • lotions from cranberry juice;
  • rye crumbs;
  • baked onion.

Treatment of burrs at home

burr treatment

You can relieve pain, eliminate swelling and inflammation with the help of simple recipes:

  1. Hand wash with soap. Various small items of clothing are collected in a basin of warm water and rubbed with baby soap. Warm water relieves pain, and soap components relieve swelling.
  2. Compress from Vishnevsky’s ointment. It is recommended to apply a compress on steamed fingers. The sore finger is smeared with ointment, wrapped with a bandage and held for three hours.
  3. Salt baths. Two hundred grams of sea salt or ordinary table salt are diluted in one liter of water and put on fire for five minutes. Then the affected fingers are lowered into the container into the water and held until the water becomes warm.

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