blue manicure

Blue lacquer is rich in many shades. Shades of the azure coast, the blue of the ocean, shades of cobalt and others. Well-known brands of varnishes are Chanel, Essie, OPI, Orly, Revlon.

It is believed that the girls who have chosen this tone are bold and courageous.

How to choose the right shade?

Choosing the right color from a huge amount of varnish is not so easy. The color of the nail polish should match your skin color, nail shape and clothing style. Warm colors are suitable for warm skin tones, and cold colors are suitable for cold skin tones. Before buying, you should attach the palette to the nails and roughly evaluate how it will look. Blue lacquer can be used to emphasize clothes. Manicure under a blue dress will be the perfect choice.

A vibrant blue is great for the beach, cooler hues should be left through winter and fall. Blue color is best combined with other varnishes. From this, your blue manicure will turn out to be more refined and rich.

Proper application of varnish

The overall picture as a whole depends on the correct application. It is forbidden to use dark blue shades of cold colors on groomed nails. To begin with, manicure and polish your nails so that the nail has a smooth shape for application. A square-shaped nail shape with rounded edges is perfect.

Distribute the varnish from the bottom up, painting over the middle of the nail, and distributing the varnish on the sides. Lacquer is taken just enough to cover the entire surface of the nail. Top manicure should be covered with a fixative.

Blue with white

Great shade for the winter season. A blue and white manicure is considered a festive manicure. It’s not hard at all to do it. Use white polish, base blue and glitters.

We do a manicure with blue varnish:

  1. Two fingers: middle and ring fingers are painted with white varnish.
  2. We are waiting for the nails to dry.
  3. On top of the white varnish, lay out the drawing with glitter using a special manicure stick.
  4. Quickly cover the nails with a top coat so as not to dislodge the applied glitter.

All manicure with blue varnish is ready.

Yellow with blue

Yellow-blue manicure is a great shade for warm seasons. Juicy lacquer colors are perfect for summer and beach season. We apply blue varnish on the surface of the nails, leaving the nameless and medium ones, we apply a yellow tint on them.

Red with blue

For a red-blue manicure, you will need two varnishes: coral and blue. It is better to use varnishes that do not bubble. If the gloss persists after application, it is better to cover with a top coat on top. We paint the nails blue, leaving the ring finger for applying red. The modern manicure of 2014 is ready.

Following modern fashion, and combining these shades, you will always arouse the admiration and sunny mood of other people. Shades of blue always attract attention and arouse interest. To do this, you just need to acquire interesting shades of varnish, make a high-quality manicure with blue varnish, and challenge the modern world.

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