what manicure is in fashion 2015

The catchy or elegant look of your hands depends on more than just the accessories you wear in them. To look fashionable and modern, you must always keep your nails in order.

To do this, you need to choose the right shape that will perfectly fit your hands and a beautiful varnish, in which you will not need additional decorations. The countless new trends that fashion experts introduce every year tell us how to shape and choose the right color to match the outfit and the occasion flawlessly. Fresh ideas and trends help us to refresh not only the image, but also our daily life. In this article, we have collected information about what kind of manicure is in fashion in 2015.

Manicure — fashion 2015

  1. Bordeaux. As always, all shades of red and burgundy are in favor. Muted shades of wine, cranberries, cherries and burgundy are especially popular.
  2. sequins. This trend is not for everyday looks. But it is perfect for special occasions like weddings, receptions or corporate parties.
  3. Gold. There are a lot of this color in the collections of 2015. It is found not only in accessories or clothing, but also on the nails. Gold gives elegance and brightness to manicure, making it more refined and luxurious. It is possible to decorate nails with gold elements: stripes or patterns.
  4. metallic shades. This glitter manicure is for those who don’t like the idea of ​​glitter. It is perfect for both everyday looks and going out, and will make your nails original and memorable.
  5. Matching colors. Everything new is well-forgotten old. Instead of choosing nail polish separately from the rest of the color of the image, in the fashion trends of 2015 manicure, we again combine it with a range of clothes, accessories or lipstick.
  6. natural nails. One of the main trends of fashionable manicure in 2015 is naturalness. Nude nails look no less bright than those covered with different colors. You can also use all shades of pastel pink or peach — any options that make your nails look natural. If you decide to do a nude manicure, then the nails should be short, and the shape should be as close to natural as possible.
  7. Lace. Perhaps the most stylish manicure of 2015 is with a lace pattern. Create simple variations with a stencil or create more intricate designs to make your nails look especially stylish this season.

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