unedged manicure

Caring for the surface of the nail plates sometimes takes a long time, regardless of whether you visit the salon or do it yourself. Therefore, most women prefer unedged manicure, which is much easier and faster to do, and the result is no different from regular nail treatment. Moreover, this way of care minimizes damage to the skin.

Unedged manicure at home

It should be noted right away that, contrary to a common misconception, the European nail processing technique involves the removal, and not the simple pushing back of the cuticle. Only in this case, the skin is not cut off with scissors, but is removed using a special tool based on natural fruit acids and extracts.

In addition, if you are used to doing a cut manicure, the transition to the European type will take time. At the very beginning, a mixed treatment of the nail plates will be required, for example, their preliminary softening with an acid composition and the subsequent cutting of the cuticle with scissors. During the second procedure, you can remove the thin skin with a special pumice stone or a toothbrush. So, gradually, the nails will “get used” to such care and the cuticle will stop growing intensively.

To perform an unedged manicure at home, it is not necessary to have any special skills, have a lot of time and purchase expensive fixtures. The most simple and affordable things are enough.

Unedged manicure set

So, before starting the procedure, you should have available:

  • special wooden sticks made from orange wood;
  • manicure scissors or tongs (if there are burrs);
  • a file for unedged manicure, any one will do, the main thing is that with its help you can give the nails the desired shape;
  • cotton pads;
  • cuticle remover with fruit acids;
  • cuticle oil to moisturize and nourish it, you can use peach, sesame and almond oil, or purchase the product at a specialized store, a beauty salon (usually recommend CND Solar Oil and Essie Cuticle Pen).

Means for unedged manicure that remove the cuticle:

  • Orly Citique Cuticle Remover;
  • Ninelle Cuticle Remover;
  • Sally Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover.

All listed cosmetic products have an average cost and are available for purchase at any store.

Manicure can be done dry and wet. In the second case, you will need to first steam the nails in a warm softening bath to facilitate the removal of the cuticle. The second type of processing is faster and does not involve steaming the hands.

How to do an unedged manicure?

The described procedure is quite simple. Before proceeding with it, you will need to carefully process and polish the nail plates with a file in order to give them the desired shape and level the surface from the very beginning. This will avoid the occurrence of burrs in the future.

European manicure technique:

  1. Apply around the nail, directly on the thin skin, cuticle remover.
  2. how to do unedged manicure 1

  3. After 3-5 minutes, remove the excess of the drug and the dissolved skin with a cotton pad, and with the help of an orange stick, gently push the remnants of the cuticle to the very edge of the nail.
  4. how to do unedged manicure 2

  5. Immediately after that, apply nourishing and moisturizing oil to the treated areas. Rub it thoroughly into the skin until it is completely absorbed. Wipe off excess oil with a cotton pad.
  6. how to do unedged manicure 3

  7. Cover the nail surface with a strengthening base varnish (in 1 layer), after it dries, you can paint your nails in any color.
  8. how to do unedged manicure 4

As you can see, an unedged manicure is done very simply even at home, especially since it does not require special financial investments.

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