The child bites his nails — what to do?


child biting nails what to doIn almost every family, sooner or later, a situation arises when parents suddenly notice that their son or daughter is fond of biting their own nails. For many children, this becomes a real problem, as the fingers begin to end up in the mouth at every opportunity, regardless of the cleanliness of the hands and nails, staying at home, on the street or in public transport. If your child bites his nails, what to do about it should be addressed as soon as possible, as this bad habit can lead to parasite infestation, dental problems. Often the occurrence of this problem indicates mental or emotional discomfort. It is for this reason that the habit of biting nails in children often occurs after they start attending kindergarten. If a child bites his nails, how to smear his hands is not the main question. It is more important to understand what does not allow him to stop, what prompted him to such actions.

Why do young children bite their nails?

So, among the main reasons for this unsafe and unpleasant habit, we can distinguish the following:

  • a stressful situation with which the baby is trying to cope (fear of going to the garden, school, answering at the blackboard, etc.);
  • internal aggression directed at oneself (if a boy or girl is dissatisfied with themselves, or they have low self-esteem);
  • boredom, that is, an attempt to occupy oneself when there is nothing to do;
  • physiology (if the baby’s nails are weak and constantly break, the baby gnaws them so as not to interfere);
  • heredity (often mothers and fathers of such children themselves did this in childhood).

Children bite their nails — consequences

Among the main consequences of biting the nail plates, we can name:

  • an increased likelihood of infection with parasites and a variety of infections transmitted through dirty hands;
  • infection of the whole organism through the resulting wounds;
  • local suppuration and / or inflammation.

In addition, the hands of such boys and girls always look untidy.

How to get rid of the problem?

To help your son or daughter, you can (and even need to) try all possible ways. Something is sure to help.

  • First, you need to understand the cause and try to eliminate it. nail biting habit in childrenIf the cause is neurosis, then you can not do without the help of a specialist;
  • secondly, you do not need to scold the baby. It is necessary not to focus on what he is doing at all, and perhaps even allow him to do so, because only forbidden fruit is sweet;
  • thirdly, you can use a special varnish for children biting their nails. It has a very unpleasant and bitter taste. Some babies benefit from a regular regular manicure (especially for girls with varnish), which forces them to monitor the appearance of their hands.


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