One of the popular youth subcultures is the swag style, which originated in the United States a few years ago. Initially, this word was called everything that could be said “cool!”, And later the slang term gave the name to the whole youth direction. If you look at the photos in fashion magazines, the swag style can be distinguished immediately. Girls in the swag style are bright, attractive, sexy, active, daring, uninhibited. But not only clothes determine belonging to a given subculture. For girls, the swag clothing style should be complemented by characteristic accessories, shoes, hairstyles, manicures and even music. It should be noted that clothes in the swag style are democratic, despite the presence of certain canons, reference samples and guidelines. In addition, there are a huge number of branches of swag fashion, so you can look different, but still fit into the swag youth community.

Swag fashion

Newbie swaggers who don’t know how to dress in the swag style should remember the main rule of the community. Swag girls don’t follow trends, they create them! Looking at trendy swag t-shirts and t-shirts, it seems that designers decorate them with prints seen in dreams. By the way, it is not the designers who set the tone in fashion, but the leaders of youth groups performing «black» music. Prints with the symbols of sports teams (Brooklyn Nets, NHL, NFL, NBA) are welcome, which can be used to decorate T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweaters. The swag-style icon is the Obey brand, which produces entire collections of clothes for fans of this subculture.

Even though the swag remains a fairly unisexual style, girls are given the opportunity to remain attractive. Of course, undisguised and even somewhat aggressive sexuality is welcome, which is expressed in very short shorts, mini-skirts in bright colors. Ripped jeans are an essential attribute of both girls and guys who adhere to the swag style.

Be that as it may, this subculture has African-American roots, and the population of the «black» neighborhoods has always sought to provide itself with material benefits by any means. Money is power, so swag is expensive cars, things, accessories. And if they are inexpensive, then they are bright, noticeable, conspicuous. So, swag-style hats are dimensionless knitted hats, but always with large logos or rhinestones, sequins, appliqués. Swagger shoes are massive sneakers, bright boots, rough ankle boots, and swag-style backpacks are “bottomless sacks” with unimaginable catchy prints.

Hairstyles, makeup, manicure

Swag girls do not bother with creating intricate hairstyles. Loose long hair can be decorated with a bandage, a large bright hairpin, but more often they are hidden under a cap with a straight visor. The more careless the styling, the more pronounced the stylistic affiliation to the swag subculture. As for makeup, it is either absent as such, or made with deliberate negligence.

But the swag-style manicure is a separate issue. It is no less important than clothing. Swag nails should always be noticeable and catchy. The more colors the better. The nails of a swagger girl should shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, sparkle with sparkles. Monochromatic varnishes are not welcome, unless, of course, we are talking about neon colors. Another exception is hot pink. Girls prefer to wear medium-length or short nails, but extended long ones are bad manners among swaggers.

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