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dude style

To look beautiful, stylish, but at the same time individually and brightly is a completely logical desire of every girl. It has always been like this, and in the forties of the last century, the most daring girls, who got sick of the dullness of Soviet clothes, decided on a fashionable experiment — the creation of a unique, bright, life-affirming style. In those days, fashion in the style of «dudes» was dictated by American boys and girls. Their colorful, but not tasteless outfits charged with positive, making you forget about the devastation of the post-war period. The “dude” style has turned from a fashionable trend into a lifestyle filled with a palette of bright colors and unusual styles.

Style Features

If we consider the traditional women’s outfit in the style of dudes, then dresses come out on top. In such models, the top is usually tight-fitting, and the bottom is voluminous, multi-layered. The splendor of the dress in the style of retro dudes is achieved by several petticoats, which are made of fabrics in contrasting colors. A bright petticoat peeking out from under the dress is a piquant detail that attracts attention. A dandy-style skirt allows girls to show off their slender legs. The bright colors of the fabrics complement the brilliance of the image. Picturesque prints (polka dots, stripes, small and large flowers), contrasting decor are welcome.

Today, not all fashionistas know how to dress in the style of dudes, because the peak of the popularity of bright images is in the past. Such clothes are more suitable for theme parties, stylized wedding ceremonies. To create an image in this style, you should follow a few rules. Firstly, the dress should be fitted, with a fluffy skirt, puffed sleeves or without them at all. A tight-fitting bodice with drapery and wide straps is welcome. The brighter the color of the outfit, the better. The classic length of a skirt or dress is knee-length, but there are no strict restrictions. You can also wear an ultra-short dress to a youth party. For girls who avoid puffy skirts, stylists recommend choosing dresses with a straight silhouette, but with contrasting decor in the form of ruffles, lace, and flounces. An excellent addition will be a wide belt that can be tied under the bodice with a bow.

Attention to accessories!

To create an image in the style of «dudes» you will need a variety of jewelry and jewelry, which should not be inferior in brightness to the color of the outfit itself. It’s great if the box contains massive round earrings, bright beads and wide bracelets. Stylish hats, bright wide belts, contrasting scarves and shawls will help add extravagance. A small handbag with a long strap or clutch will also come in handy. As for shoes, any classic style with high heels will do.

Of particular note are women’s hairstyles in the style of dudes, which should be voluminous, but at the same time simple and unpretentious. The classic «babette» is a great solution. It is enough to separate one strand, collect the rest of the hair in a smooth bun and beautifully wrap it with a strand, chop it with hairpins. The final touch is a varnish to fix the styling. Hairstyles in the style of dudes often use bouffant, but the usual high tail successfully complements the look. You can decorate your hair with braid, colored hoop or bow.

To create a themed make-up, you will need a light-colored tonal foundation, black eyeliner for drawing arrows, voluminous mascara and scarlet lipstick. This is the very case when you can afford excesses that are inappropriate in everyday looks. A trendy manicure should also be bright, which looks more spectacular on short nails.


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