Short nail design

Each representative of the fair sex makes sure that her hands are always in order. A neat manicure gives self-confidence and improves mood. At one time, long stilettos were crazy popular, but today a variety of designs on short nails are in fashion. This is the most practical and at the same time very beautiful manicure. The main thing is to choose the right design.

How to choose the right manicure design for short nails?

Many women suffer because their own nails flatly refuse to grow. And accordingly, in order to look fashionable and be able to show off strong, long nails of a neat shape, you had to turn to extension masters for help.

The appearance of firming gel polishes has become a kind of sensation. This is an excellent tool for strengthening the nail plate. Before applying shellac, you do not need to file off the nail as much as when working with gel or acrylic. And accordingly, gel polish practically does not harm the nail plates.

When choosing a beautiful design for short nails, it is very important to follow a few simple rules:

  1. Only a neat manicure looks beautiful: the cuticle should be removed from the nail plate, all the nails should be filed to the same length (even a millimeter difference is perfectly visible on short nails), there can be no burrs on the fingers.
  2. A very important place in the design of short nails is the shape of the plate. Now square nails are in fashion, but they look good only on long fingers. Therefore, it is better for owners of miniature pens to give preference to the traditional oval. A perfectly matched nail shape is one that visually lengthens it a little.
  3. As for the drawings on the nails, it is desirable that they be vertical. It is not recommended to use too large or too small elements in the design of short nails with gel polish. Volumetric drawings will not work either — they simply will not look on short nails.
  4. Owners of a too wide nail plate can paint their nails only in the center, leaving small gaps on the sides.

In general, both light and eye-catching bright shades of varnish look great on short nails.

Shellac designs for short nails

All nail designs can be conditionally divided into groups.


The famous French manicure. It is not necessary to maintain the traditional white-pastel range. French design on short nails can actually be the most diverse. A dark or golden smile looks beautiful. Some fashionistas even paint all the tips of their nails in different colors. Another original idea is a smile in the form of peas. Polka dots, in principle, are now considered a fashionable design, and therefore even in the form of a jacket it will look perfect. If desired, French manicure can be supplemented with a delicate pattern.

Classic design

Monochromatic manicure always looks great. Take, for example, red short nails — the design of all times and peoples: elegant, stylish, suitable for almost any look. If, nevertheless, a one-color manicure seems too boring to you, glitter, rhinestones, foil can be added to the design. A manicure with strips of foil is very popular now. A one-color manicure with a hole at the base will not look trite. The latter can not be painted over at all or highlighted with sparkles, contrasting varnish.


An idea for the brightest and most creative. Not too pretentious and neat, they can make a real work of art out of a nail. Although most ladies today prefer the ombre effect to drawings. On short square or oval nails, this design is best done light at the base of the plate and darkening towards the tip.

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