Sculpting on nails


molding on nails

Until recently, nail design meant the technique of French manicure or nail polish with simple painting. Today, this is a vast field for the master’s creativity and a unique way of self-expression and drawing attention to oneself for many women. One of the most popular and spectacular design options in manicure today is modeling on nails — creating three-dimensional compositions using acrylic or gel.

Regardless of which method is used when sculpting on nails (acrylic, gel), this design technique is inextricably linked with nail extension. In this case, it is better that the nails have sufficient length, because. moldings are placed in the middle or along the edge of the nail (location near the root can adversely affect its condition).

Acrylic nail art

For acrylic modeling, acrylic powder of different shades and liquid monomer are used, which, when mixed, form a lamellar mass. Most often, nail design through acrylic modeling is performed on long transparent (“glass”) extended nails. To prevent the decoration from looking bulky, it is usually applied to part of the surface of the nail. Also, modeling can be performed not on all, but on individual nails, while the rest of the nails are painted with a varnish that matches the color, or covered with artistic painting.

Moldings can be created directly on the nail or formed on foil, subsequently attached to the nails. In order for the decoration to have a finished look, it is supplemented with some drawings, decorative elements (sequins, rhinestones, sparkles, etc.). The finished composition is usually covered with a layer of acrylic or gel.

Gel nail polish

This type of modeling appeared a little later, after the invention of special 3d modeling gels. With the help of such gels, you can create incredibly complex patterns that will not spread and peel off. Volumetric gel drawings are created using thin brushes. An important nuance of this technique is the need to dry under ultraviolet light after applying each design element, made in a new shade.

Gel sculpting allows you to create real miniature sculptures, as if made of glass, which is impossible to achieve with acrylic materials. In addition, an important advantage of gel framing on nails is that the gel is odorless.


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