new manicure 2015

The girl’s hands should always be well-groomed and tender, despite the season and busyness. Manicure can be one of the decisive components of the whole image. It is not necessary to have long or extended nails, but accuracy must be observed unconditionally. However, removing the cuticle and giving an even shape to the nails is not enough for a successful look. In order for your hands to emphasize not only your decency and belonging to fashion, you need to highlight your fingers with the help of popular varnishes. Manicure trends 2015 are unusual, creative, but at the same time natural and original. In 2015, manicurists and pedicurists offer unique nail designs not only with colorful polishes, but also by adding beautiful accessories, creating designs and refining manicure ideas from past seasons.

According to the forecasts of stylists for 2015, all kinds of drawings on the nails remain the most popular manicure. This season, stylists have attached great importance to marble manicure. Beautiful combinations of shades and an unusual form of abstractions give the image creativity and originality. You can make yourself a similar design, both in a delicate style and in a strong saturated color.

Last season, the idea for a manicure with a different design on each nail came into fashion. This year, manicure masters have supported this direction and introduced novelties in the style of drawings. Today, stripes and dots remain in fashion, and glitter patterns in the form of small accessories have also gained popularity.

Nude nails are considered the most beautiful manicure in 2015. In this direction, naturalness, calmness and tenderness are observed. However, professionals advise using a similar style for the ideas of French and moon manicure 2015. Originality can be given to such nails by applying silver or mother-of-pearl sparkles. But pastel shades should remain dominant.

Lacquer for stylish manicure 2015

When choosing a nail polish for 2015, stylists suggest first of all paying attention not to the color, but to the structure of the material. After all, the shade is often selected to a certain outfit and image as a whole. This year it is fashionable to paint nails with matte varnish, which was introduced last season, and this year it is actively used in manicure art.

A novelty of 2015 manicure was a varnish with broths. Small beads perfectly emphasize individuality and give nails freshness, brightness and shine.

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