The legendary fashion house Dior is actively developing and introducing a marine theme into the trend. Clothes, shoes, accessories and jewelry in a marine style are incredibly in demand among fashionistas all over the world. Nail art masters are sensitive to fashion trends, so nautical-style nail design is no less popular. Do not think that you can wear such a manicure only in the summer. With the onset of cool days, refreshing notes of azure blue, virgin white with accents of red, rich blue and golden blotches will look no less relevant.

Marine style in manicure

A feature of a marine-style manicure (shellac, regular varnish or extended nails — it doesn’t matter) is the length of the nail plate. It should not be short, since even the most non-trivial marine nail art on short nails turns out to be inexpressive. As for the shape of the nail plate, it can be square or almond-shaped. In this case, a marine manicure always looks advantageous. It is also allowed to build nails in a marine style in the form of stilettos, pipe, but here the nail art master must show all his skills so as not to “overload” the tapering free end of the nail plate. And, of course, the surface of the nails should be perfectly smooth, even, well-groomed, like the cuticle.

The basis of the marine theme in manicure is any tones of blue. Sometimes they are replaced with crystal white, and burgundy, coral, pink or red are used as accents, which, however, can no longer be called original.

The marine theme in manicure is universal in that it suits lovers of soft shades and tones. Pastel shades in combination with a white or pale blue base look romantic and elegant. Peach, all shades of creamy, beige, cream are in perfect harmony with sky blue. As an everyday option, you can opt for a French manicure on a marine theme. The same jacket, decorated with rhinestones, broths, stucco elements, will perfectly complement your evening look. Sea waves, striped sailor suit, shells, palm trees, anchors — the decor should match the theme. Do not forget that the simplicity of performing such a manicure is apparent. One mistake, or inaccurate movement with a brush, and the manicure will be ruined, so only experienced craftsmen should trust its creation.

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